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First app - what to expect?? Lock Rss

I wonder what else should I be expecting for during the first appointment with fertility clinic except the following?
A heap of questions focusing on myself mostly. (Family history, my cycles, general health, lifestyle, previous pregnancies and sexual health.) Some lifestyle type questions for dh to answer - things like alcohol, previous children, smoking etc. Internal examination as well as a trial run of placing a catheter through my cervix and a pap smear. Multiple blood tests for STD's and for myself, hormone levels.
Anything else, ladies? Thanks in advance!
strange! but smart. You know half of the things that might happen to you in a fertility clinic.
yes, similar cases happen to most of the individuals who visit fertility clinics.
Of course, that's their responsibility to know about your medical history. I would suggest that the intended father must get along to a fertility clinic. There might be tons of details medications or suggestions that both the partners are supposed to follow appropriately.
list down each and every single instruction that fertility doctor might suggest you. Carry your medical reports along. There must be counter questions sessions. you must equally make questions regarding how much time it would take to treat infertility and such.
I would like to add that the clinic should have an emotional counselor who deals with the infertility issues. Moreover, at the diagnosis stage, you will look into the nursing staff and their capability in patients care. Moreover, make sure to research how much do the fertility treatment have success rate carried by the specialists you are seeing. Also, consider your health insurance, and ask for more coverage from HR department.
I would ask a lot of questions about the types of imaging studies and lab tests they do. Most clinics do standard tests but some do not do important ones like the AMH test for ovarian reserve / fertility. Also, it is worth asking if you will need specific genetic lab tests like the MTHFR test as many doctors do not routinely test for them even though they are clearly linked to fertility.

If you have old medical records regarding your vaccinations, consider bring those too!
Thank you ladies for your posts! A quick update. We've already had the first consultation. Have only positive experience. A nice place to be in. People seem busy all the time. This is yet another another thing with this country -lol. If you're told to wait for 10 mins it easily turns into half an hour) Thankfully we've already been used to, so had nothing wrong with waiting longer with clinic's comfort. We were also surprised how clean everything was. Almost shiny which was quite unexpectedly with all those lines! Our dr is a pleasant understanding woman highly respected at the place. We've read a lot they treat the toughest cases which is crusial. There are no age limits for their patients just the health ones. (Which definiely shows they are sure they can cope). We saw all modern facilities, nothing out of date - which means nothing. They seem to invest big money into their clients' comfort whilst undergoing treatments. Also we were amazed to see their all inclusive plans but for real. (As you never know about the hidden issues unless you come to the place - with them we had none!) We read attentively the contract and felt free to ask for explanations. Our manager was great! We had no language barrier while talking with the stuff (surprisingly for no additional price!). Dh and I underwent the required tests. These were blood tests for both, pap smear and sperm count as was supposed. Dr studied our medical records. She performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances. She made the decision that the program could be performed and authorized. We signed the agreements and made the first payment. Then dr explained us the treatment plan. She gave us the meds needed for the subsequent protocol ( Their cost is covered by the package price) and soon we were free. We had the opportunity to go sightseeing with our 'driver-guide' lol who was also super! I hope this is the nice beginning of our journey.
I'm really glad I'm getting this support from all of you! Be blessed always!!
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