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Hey. I really think she should opt for IVF first. Wouldnt it be amazing if she conceives her baby herself? Women usually prefer giving birth to their own babies. hope this works out, it would be the best case scenario. I think she should consider this first. I hope it works. Good luck to her.
Hi, lovelies. Here's a couple of things I've thought about today. It's better to keep in mind, IVF is still a relatively new technology. It's going to be many years before we can be sure whether there is any long-term risk for IVF children after they become adults. I've read that embryo biopsy and ICSI may also carry epigenetic risks. It may seem surprising but IVF can still result in an ectopic pregnancy. (As the majority thinks that IVF completely avoids this risk.) If the tubes are damaged or partly blocked, the risk is undoubtedly greater. Our Dr Elena at BioTex explained that this is because after an embryo is transferred it may leave the uterus spontaneously and move into a fallopian tube, where it may implant. The risk of ectopic pregnancy still exists even if the fallopian tubes have been totally removed. because there is a small section of the tube in the wall of the uterus that cannot be removed or blocked off at all. I'm not saing all this to get anybody upset. But for the reason we all have to stay realistic over the IVF process. All the goods and bads, benefits and risks. This way you cover yourself from the heartbreak if it doesn't work with the first attempt. May God bless everyone on the way.
Snow81458 wrote:
Hey there!!! I just read your thread and I came to know about your friend's story. Ask your friend that there is nothing to worry about. medical science has made much progress in this regard. There were days when IVF or surrogacy was considered as false approaches. But everything seems to change now. these treatments are really providing people with happy to start a family of their own. Is it ok to survive in a relationship where you would find an emptiness your whole life? I can understand the pain of infertility... Most of the relationships probably broke just because of this one thing.IVF or surrogacy are both great choices. but this is completely your choice either if you want to go for those cycles or you are fine with anyone carrying your baby for nine months but my best wishes are with you. These are the little things that have great importance in an infertile person life.Good luck to your friend.

I need to add that in most cases, where the uterus is free of any obvious problems, switching to DE IVF is more likely to bring you success. If your eggs are responsible for the problem - Even transferring them to a surrogate’s uterus will produce the same result. IVF failure in older women is mostly caused due to older eggs which are not viable for pregnancy. The point is to find the best fertility center with professional staff to be treated at. Only there you'll be advised the best on your further treatment steps. Age of the woman, the health of uterus, and the ways her body responds to IVF medications also play a great role in IVF success. Normally, a woman’s ovary will release one egg a month - From a collection that is fixed at birth. It is known to decline sharply after the mid 30s. Before an IVF cycle, medications are given to get the ovaries to produce more eggs. If you already have a reduced number of eggs or have elevated FSH levels, your body might not respond properly to IVF medications, which is not a good sign. The sperm and eggs both have specific receptors on their surface that allow for their interaction. However, barring chromosomal factors, sperm are usually not the among the reasons for failure of IVF. Because any quantitative or qualitative problems with the sperm are easily detected during semen analysis. In this case the patients are given the option of ICSI or IVF with donor sperm. The rate of chromosomal abnormalities in human embryos is one of the major factors for IVF failure though. Various studies have shown that the rate of chromosomal abnormalities in human eggs start to increase after the mid 30s.
Hey there. I hope you're doing fine. I'm happy to see you so concerned about your friend. Anyway, I'd suggest her to go to a good clinic. A fertility expert can tell better. The doctor will make her do some tests and then decide. I think that giving IVF a chance won't be resentful. If the chances of success would be high, the doctor would suggest her to go for an IVF treatment. Also, it is like a natural pregnancy once the process is done. She and her husband might not have to tell the family. It can be kept confidential once you're pregnant. No one has to know how. The rest is up to them, of course. I hope this helps her. All the best!
VickyyK wrote:
Hey there everyone! My friend's looking to decide between IVF or surrogacy. She's having troubles conceiving naturally. If you could help her decide that'd be great. But alongside that, she's also worried what her family might think. I tell her not to worry about it too much since it's her life. But she still worries. Any solid points to help convince her family or just my friend to help her move on? TIA.

If it is her 1st IVF round, then by any means she should try IVF first. Surrogacy should be left as the last resort for when you actually have issues with conceiving via ICSI or IVF. Hence us signing with a surrogacy agency. We chose WCOB that is located in Ukraine. And if I were younger, I'd go for IVF rather than surrogacy. I do agree that it is better to go through pregnancy, although some women experience issues when being pregnant. I myself had 5 m/c and was strongly advised to look into surrogacy.
@VickyyK, hi
Just wanted to ask for for the updates. How's your friend doing? Has she already made the decision?
I'm truly glad to see more and more people are getting involved into the discussion. Just nice feeling to know someone cares, right..I'm a couple of weeks before my first ever delivery. yeh, time flies! lol Soon we'll be marveling our LO. We conceived through donor egg ivf. And just like @member609683 said, surrogacy has been the last option to count on. But to me it's absolutely magnificent we can still use this option nowadays. Even if not everywhere, and sometimes couples do have to travel thousands of km, BUT it's all is worthy. There have been a lot of comments mentioning surrogacy in Ukraine. This is quite a popular surrogacy destination, no doubt. And yes, there are lots of clinics offering different services for affordable prices. so it won't be easy to choose from at once. So I'm asking whether your friend has made her choice with the treatment plan/clinic. It would be nice to know what other people think.
Dear@member609683, I'm so sorry to hear you've faced 5 mc..You must be strong and brave and all the best features to continue the journey. May God bless you on your way.
I also think you're right. IVF would be a great option for her. However, my advice to her would be to visit a doctor that knows how to carry the process out. This is something that is really important and shouldn't be ignored. I guess Cathy you would also agree with me. We both are visiting the same doctor now and things are going well. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
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