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Surrogacy abroad Lock Rss

HI, ladies! Just wondering if anyone is with me on this. I am off to our first appointment. We booked for a surrogacy in Europe. The clinics in my country are too expensive. Is anyone else having surrogacy abroad? Just wanted updates. It's easier doing things knowing I'm not alone.
Hey! how are you doing?
I am a surrogacy person. though I haven't booked any of the clinics.
But soon I would be doing that. so I felt like showing up here on this post.
Just for some support. Hope you are all done with your search procedures and all.
As of I am still on those things.
Where you found this clinic? was this a kind suggestion?
This procedure is no doubt an expensive one. and you got to find the place where you might find it affordable.
That was one of the reasons I dropped my IVF. as I was out of pocket then.
But great to know that you found a place for your self where this is found to be affordable.
Keep on updating here over your procedure.
I would like to follow up your details.
Good luck.
Have a great journey.
Hi, Jessicapit61! I was sorry to hear you dropped your cycle! Where were you passing treatments?
I'm a youngie of 36. And I've got only one ovary along with POF. Dr told us my amh level was/is quite low - 4 only. I already had a 2,7 yo kid conceived naturally. (Which makes things even more strange!) We've already tried taking supplements, acupuncture and some life changes. (I mean getting enough sleep, active rest, no the tiniest amount of alcohol, no cigarettes - nothing of this kind). But actually this made no changes to conceiving with #2. I can't find the right words for this, but it really bothered/bothers me, because our #1 was conceived unexpectedly easily and fast. And with #2 we've got these troubles..I was devastated and felt guilty for the myself with the issues. I've never thought I'd face this on day, really, lads. On the whole this is our 19th month of unsuccessful ttc leading us to egg donation route. ( As dr sees no point in using own egg at all). Well we all know about the benefits of using donor eggs with ivf. But in practice this procedure seems not that easy. And for the most part from emotional part. This usually takes time to get there. (You have to use another woman's eggs and there is nothing to do about it - would seem clear and easy. But NEVER is! I'm so tired of imagining my dh involved with a woman in making OUR baby!! Oh, gosh, that's so madly tough!!) One thing is for sure, It took us, me actually months to accept the idea of egg donation. Moreover we decided to take this route with overseas biotexcom clinic which has high success rates (And more affordable prices than at home). My dh is a rock of support for me and I'm very thankful for this. I'm trying to browse the internet forums in order to find ladies with similar stroies for mutual support. Though that's not that easy. There are many strange people on boards wishing you not the best I'm afraid. Other ones are just superb to talk to and share worries. 
Ah, another thing I forgot to mention. I have an idential twin sister. She has 2 children. And she won't have more because her dh has had a vasectomy. So once we were considering using her eggs. (My sister is 39 years young). But this thought was even more disasterous for me, as it turned out to be. So we decided to move on with donor egg. We've already had our initial consultation with the clinic. I'll share on another thread probably. I'm sorry my post took that long. Just wanted to share and let some steam off. Just thought I can't leave your post with a word of encouragement. May be one more shot for you some time later - ah? I could help with some ideas I'm sure. We shoudn't give up hope that easy, I'm sure. I'm wishing you and AshleyH the best. Any updates as for surrogacy plan in a European clinic?
Hi, I hope you are doing fine. Really, Europe is very expensive for surrogacy. There are few who can afford that much cost. Ukraine have the best clinics for it. The packages are also affordable. Bio TexCom surrogacy clinic Ukraine is highly recommended. I went there for treatment. They have the best staff. Give it a try.
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