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IVF failed Rss

Hi guys. Thank you so much for all these supportive comments, you guys. I'm glad to see how much you people care. I'm trying to read every comment here. Her second cycle worked. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with the clinic I chose. This all turned out great. Thanks for the support.
Hi guys. So another thing that I forgot to mention here. This clinic has worked for us every time and did not give us a chance of disappointment. So if any of your is going through the same situation or any other fertility issue can contact them. They will fix your problem too. This clinic is located in Ukraine. Good luck ya'll.
Hi there @jeneliasmith. I hope you are doing fine. I agree with you. Infertility really has a huge effect on the things that you mentioned. It is sad to see peoples going through it. That is great that you didn't lose hope. I am so happy that you can have a kid. I hope it brings you lots of joy. Take care.
IVF also didn't brought any luck for me. I went through different cycles of IVF but nothing positive. Before IVF i also tried IUI but there was also no luck there for me as well. Than we came to know about surrogacy. Many people around me keep talking of it. So i was curious whats the success rate if this method? So i joined different forums to know more about it. Here on forums many people are talking about it. Many people are sharing their success stories at different clinics. From the peoples journeys i learnt alot about surrogacy. People are mostly talking about the best clinics regarding surrogacy. People share their experiences about different clinics. I learn from their experiences. I have also decided that i will go for surrogacy. I have told my husband about it and he is positive too about this. Bulgaria is not allowing surrogacy. So probably we will move to Ukraine.
hey cathy sorry to hear about your friend loss. I totally understand the disappoint it accompanies. The failed cycles petrify you and the emotional torture is another thing. I have experienced three IVF cycles that failed miserably. Have you persuaded your forend to see an ER? Do you know the main cause of the failure? Mine was low AMH plus, low ovarian reserve. My chances of conceiving naturally are rare. So I had to choose another route. I have been told that the surrogacy is a new trend and efficient way to become a parent. IVF arent easy and also costly. If the next cycle fails then the money is wasted, therefore, once and for all pursue surrogacy. It is costly though but there are countries offering surrogacy packages at an economical cost.
"Hey there how are you.Really sorry for her loss. Well Please give her hope, motivate her. Tell her that it is not the end. There is a risk in every process so she need to be positive and to face all these times with big heart. Tell her that no need to lose hope she is not the only one in this boat. There are many womens out there with her who are facing difficulties in TTC and faces difficulties in IVF cycle also. IVF is a process which needs patience and a lot of courage to face all the hard times.
It's ok if she didn't get good results in first IVF cycle there are there are other options too, hope she could get good result in her second attempt.
God forbid if she didn't get good results in even in second attempt then still there is a option like surrogacy. Many women who failed to get good results in IVF chooses surrogacy. So be patient and don't lose hope. The main purpose of these treatments is to give a hope to women that there is still a chance being positive is all we need. Our prayers and good wishes are with you. Good luck. Sending you baby dust. Cheers"
Hey, I am extremely sorry to hear about the news. It must be extremely difficult for your friend to cope up with the situation. However, it was a good decision that she decided to go for it the second time. As usually, the doctors say that the chances of success increase on the next cycles. The thing with IVF however, is that it is very unpredictable so you are never sure. You just can do certain things to increase the probability of success. I guess the number one thing on the list is visiting a good doctor. A lot of us don’t really realize the importance of this. I know a lot of women who went to the wrong doctor for IVF which led to scars on ovaries. This can be really dangerous as it reduces your chances of trying the cycle again and can cause complications later. So ask your friend to be well researched this time and ensure her choices are right. Apart from that a lot of women take certain vitamins and do certain therapies to increase the chances. She should also start doing yoga as that will provide her with the energy needed to conceive. I hope this works out for her do keep us updated. Sending baby dust her way.
Hello Cathy! I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes! IVF doesn't work all the time. So, yeah! I've also had failed IVF attempts a year ago. Now, going via surrogacy route at a repro center in Ukraine. Don't be disappointed! Go for other attempts! IVF has better chances in later attempts. So, yeah! There might be a chance you'll be able to conceive. Wish you all the best! Stay strong! Keep trying. xx
Hey! Julie here. I hope you both will be fine.
After reading this I really felt sorry to know about her failure. But it is the part of life. Tell her don’t worry. Just think positive and stay hopeful everything will be fine.
I have also been passed through this situation. I can feel her grief. I hope this time her struggle will be fruitful. I’m proud of her that she did not concede after failing once. It is the big thing.
But, in case, if nothing happens this time. There is another method she could follow to fulfill her wish is surrogacy. It will be the last option to avail.
So, tell her don’t lose hope. Think positive and positive will bring out.
May your dreams come true.
All my prayers are with you.
Take care
Hi! Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope you and your friend is fine. As a mother, I can completely understand her feeling. . As the matter of IVF, it is a good thing. But in many cases, it fails. IVF can not give 100% chance. It depends on the case and mother also. I failed for two times. But my friend also chose IVF. She completely successful in her first cycle. After failing my cycles I choose surrogacy. Surrogacy also gives you biologically your own child. Ask your friend to do no lose hope. When one door closes another door should be open/ Now technology makes everything possible. Best wishes for your friend
I am so sad for you. This must be so disappointing for you. I know how disturbing it would be. IVF is a working technique to have babies. However, it is the difficult and technical process. It really broke when I learned about my infertility. I wasted my ten precious years while sitting idle. I was so broken. So when I went for IVF it failed in the second cycle too. I was so vexed. I was about to lose hope. Later I came to know about surrogacy. I went to a very prominent clinic in Europe. They provided me a fine surrogate. It is so hard to locate a sound surrogate. She delivered a sound child. I was so glad to have a child.
Hi sweety, So sad for your IVF failed. But one thing I must share with you. Failer is the step to success. So Hope well for you. Good luck. Prayers. ????
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