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IVF failed Rss

RebecaM wrote:
It's actually really common. She's got nothing to worry about. IVF doesn't have a 100% success rate. Especially, the initial cycles don't guarantee success right away. Good luck to her. I hope she doesn't lose faith! Sending her baby dust!

Hello. How are you doing? She was prepared for these consequences. She faced infertility due to PCOS. So her doctor said there were good chances for IVF to work for her. it didn't the first time. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about. He advised my friend to go for it one more time. So she went for another transfer of IVF. Luckily it worked. She had lost all hope the first time. But her doctor said it was common and there is still hope. They believed it would happen for her. She is currently pregnant now. It was a challenging time for her. But in the end, everything worked out.
Gina Roland wrote:
Hello Cathy! I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes! IVF doesn't work all the time. So, yeah! I've also had failed IVF attempts a year ago. Now, going via surrogacy route at a repro center in Ukraine. Don't be disappointed! Go for other attempts! IVF has better chances in later attempts. So, yeah! There might be a chance you'll be able to conceive. Wish you all the best! Stay strong! Keep trying. xx

Hey. How are you doing? Thank you so much for the comment. We were actually devastated with the results in the first attempt. My friend had lost all hope. She gets paranoid easily. But the doctors were hopeful and advised her to go for it again. We were told that the initial transfers sometimes don't work and that's okay. So she went for another transfer. And luckily it worked this time. She finally conceived. I had a feeling it will. She is now pregnant. We are very happy for her. Your concern means a lot to us.
Sarahsth28 wrote:
hey cathy sorry to hear about your friend loss. I totally understand the disappoint it accompanies. The failed cycles petrify you and the emotional torture is another thing. I have experienced three IVF cycles that failed miserably. Have you persuaded your forend to see an ER? Do you know the main cause of the failure? Mine was low AMH plus, low ovarian reserve. My chances of conceiving naturally are rare. So I had to choose another route. I have been told that the surrogacy is a new trend and efficient way to become a parent. IVF arent easy and also costly. If the next cycle fails then the money is wasted, therefore, once and for all pursue surrogacy. It is costly though but there are countries offering surrogacy packages at an economical cost.

Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for commenting here. We don't know the real cause behind the failure. It happens sometimes. Her doctor advised her to go for it again. Luckily it wasn't as expensive at the clinic we chose. So my friend went for it again. And she conceived the second time. I'm sorry to hear about your failures though. But I'm glad you didn't give up. Going with another alternate option was the right thing to do here, I agree. I'm glad you didn't waste much time and went for it. I hope things worked out for you. Much love.
The quality of a woman’s eggs is important in creating a healthy embryo. The reason for this is that the egg does most of the work in accepting the DNA from sperm. and facilitating the mix of genes resulting in the creation of an embryo. As maternal age advances, the percentage of chromosomally abnormal eggs increases. reducing the chance of creating a healthy embryo naturally. There is also growing evidence that low ovarian reserve is associated with poor egg quality. A past history of endometriosis and ovarian surgery may also reduce egg health and quantity. The investigations for egg health include an AMH blood test which is a measure of ovarian reserve. In the setting of IVF low AMH may be related to poorer pregnancy outcomes. Egg quality may also be assessed during the IVF process by observing the capacity of an embryo to grow to the blastocyst stage. Treatments to improve the health of eggs may include:
The increase in stimulating drugs to obtain more eggs;
Addition of androgens and growth hormone in patients who are de?ned as poor responders;
Use of PGS of embryos for selection of the healthiest embryo;
Egg donation may be an option to consider.
I personally used the latter option - donor eggs with IVF at bio texcom. Have nothing to regret about using them.
I hope you and your friend are doing well. Awful news to find out, this. I feel like hugging your friend. I'd like to instill some belief! I have a friend who had a successful IVF process. It worked out for her, on her fourth attempt. She's really happy like you'd expect her to be. The reason I'm telling you this is because she had 2 miscarriages before she opted for IVF. I've had awful luck with TTC, too. IVF is a complicated process. A lot of time it doesn't work. However, don't lose hope and keep the faith. It'll happen for you, I'm sure! You can do this.
Hey, Cathy. I hope you're okay. I'm glad you created this post. While I am really sorry to hear about your friend's situation. It's good to read so many wonderful opinions. I suffer from the same issue. I had a failed IVF cycle, last month. These things are so tough to take. I hope she's in a good place. She deserves better luck. I'll be trying, again, definitely. I don't give up, easily! Here's to hoping she decides to give it another try. Sending her my prayers and lots of hope! What clinic are y'all at? I'd love to get in contact!
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