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IVF failed Lock Rss

Hi Cathy! I feel so sorry for your friend. I feel like hugging her right now. IVF is a very complicated process and it can sometimes fail however there is no need to lose hope. Always keep trying. With the option of surrogacy still available you should not lose hope. I hope that her second cycle is successful. I opted for surrogacy after 2 failed IVF. Take care.
Hey! I feel so sorry to hear that. There is no definite reason for the loss of cycle in IVF. It's just the circumstances that might not work as they were supposed to.
Its good that she is trying for the next cycle. Be her side she needs someone that might support her at this tough time.
You and I just could talk about this. But she is having a really tough time and that's much tiring emotionally or physically.
Hope she gets to conceive very soon. The more this would take time the more this would be difficult to keep the strength up against all odds.
Ask her to keep her hopes high. we are strong women this is the reason we are having tough times.
Losing hope is never been an option. You are doing this for yourself and you got to do this. You would find the light somewhere very near. You just got to believe that these are a great procedure and if other could have their baby then you too can.
Trust me! the ending would be much beautiful.
Soon she would have her baby too.
Hi. I really felt sorrow to learn about your bad experience. I can understand the circumstances you are going through. I know it's very painful and disturbing. Studies proved that there are rare chances of success in IVF. Mostly, experts also don't suggest to go for IVF directly. Rather, surrogacy is one of the most practiced and working treatment. Success rates in surrogacy are also very high in comparison with IVF. Because in surrogacy, a healthy surrogate mother delivers the child. There are also many clinics around the globe which are offering surrogacy treatment. People have shared many success experiences on this forum. Where they have praised that clinic very much in this regard. I'm also facing unknown infertility issues. I made a great effort to find some facility in Europe. Unfortunately, they were charging very high for the treatment. Since it was so hard to find a sound surrogate. I started getting info about surrogacy from various forums. Finally, I got some good piece of advice.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. it's really sad to hear about your friend. I think she should be strong and hopeful. as being hopeful helped and I came across this process which led me to have two beautiful baby girls. IVF is totally safe, and not painful at all. I came across this clinic in Ukraine and it was actually very convenient and feasible. I hope everything turns out good for your friend.
IVF has a tendency to fail. There are restrictions attached to it. There is no guarantee of a 100 success rate. Often times several cycles fail before a success. Give my regards to your friends. I hope she gets the cycle right this time. Baby dust her way.
I know the failure disappoints. I have been through this time, the three cycles failed terribly. The reasons for failure differ vary from person to person. My eggs were not responding to the cycle well. I have a low ovarian reserve with low AMH. Moreover, the quality of eggs can be enhanced via taking healthy diet prior three months to TTC. You can advise her to take medications as well as a balanced diet as advised by her doctor. Prayers. xx
Hi Cathy its very heartbreaking to know about failure of first cycle. But try again. I would suggest you to not to give up. Well , there is only 30% chance of success in IVF. Hope so you may complete your cycle . But if it does not completely don't lose hope. There is also other ways which are better and more secure then the IVF. My next door neighbour had children through surrogacy. In fact, the first try to concive baby through IVF. But the things did not really work on . Surrogacy is secure and also there are 100% success chances. I would strongly recommend you to go for surrogacy. If your second attempt for IVF did not work out. Morever in IVF there are risks of death. While surrogacy is totally secure. Hope so my experience will help you to go through it. Best of luck.
Hi guys. Thanks for all the replies. I feel really bad today. I had so many hopes about this. But this IVF is really turning out to be like a very hard exam. Please just remember us in your prayers. I have no updates today.
Hello! Hope you are doing good. Bad to hear about your IVF failure. It is very hard to face. As a mother, I can feel your pain. In my case, IVF failed for two times. But I did not lose hope. My DH was about to leave me. I went for the surrogacy, just to try my luck. Now I am happy to announce that I have a surrogate son. IVF is a good thing. But IVF failures make it very lengthy and expensive too. Surrogacy helps a lot. It proved amazing in my case. My best wishes are with you. Take care.
Hey, guys. I have an update. But I don't want to disclose it until we are 100% sure. Thank you so much for all the prayers for my friend during her hard time. You have no idea how much this means to me. The people at her clinic are really angels. I'm so glad we chose them.
HI, I am sorry to hear the critical problems that you are facing I know since I have been there. Infertility can be very hard both emotionally and physically. I have also been through this. After 2 failed IVF resulting in miscarriages, I was left hopeless. I also took surrogacy as my last hope and applied for the procedure in a clinic in Ukraine. I was very nervous at first but It turned out way better than I hoped it would. People, there were very kind and the clinic paid for our traveling cost and accommodations. I now have a baby daughter because of surrogacy and I am glad that you are also going with it. Nothing is greater than our happiness. I hope sharing my story gives you hope. Take care
Hi! how are you? Sorry to hear about your friend. It is really very hurting. It is very common in IVF. Failure chances of IVF are too much higher. Due to failures, it becomes lengthy and expensive too. Many of couples in my family, preferred surrogacy over IVF. Chances of failure in surrogacy are rare. Surrogacy is the safest way of getting a baby. With surrogacy, You can get a baby of your own genetics. Baby will also biologically connected with you. It is a positive thing that you are worried about her. My best wishes are with her. God bless you.
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