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I must say you are such a strong woman. You focus to cure to the problem rather than feeling pity for yourself. I feel sad when I came across such a situation. Because I am an infertile woman. But my husband was very supportive of me. I am so lucky to tackle that situation so wisely. One of my friends suggested me to visit Eastern Europe to check any alternative way. Then I emailed many clinics. Afterwards, I visit numerous clinics. Now I am the successful mother of the surrogate child. I am so happy to complete my family. I love to be a part of this journey. Good luck to you too dear. Take care.
Hello My Dear, Hope you are doing well and living like a superman. smile I hope you are okay now. I am very sad to know about your accident. Infertility is very painful. Every woman after marriage needs a child. she has many dreams. Infertility is a barrier. that's why she loses hope. In this difficult time choosing a clinic is another type of struggle. there are many clinics which deceive people. We have to stay away from them. I also contacted Lotus. They never reply. I emailed them many times. They ignored my emails. I was very disappointed. I contacted another authentic clinic in Ukraine. We should tell other infertile women about this clinic. so they will stay away from them. So at the end. I would like to say something to those women who are facing infertility. They should visit the Ukraine clinics. Best wishes for you. My love is always with you.
Paggie909 wrote:
At the age of 43 years old i'm married for second time.
I was married earlier and geting pregnant was not an easy task for me.
I had a number of complications while getting pregnant.
I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
Surrogaccy is the best solution for the women who don't have any luck with babies.
My husband wants a baby from me and i told him everything regarding my pregnancy complications.
So i started looking for some method to have a baby for us.
BioTexCom clinic is the best clinic regarding surrogacy.
They cleared my confusions reagarding surrogacy.
They satisfied me and they told us they will find a surrogate for my baby.
They have a number of surrogates from their clinic as well.
A surrogate will go through proper testing to become a surrogate mother of my child.
From different forum i came to know that surrogacy is the best solution for us to have a baby.
So i contacted a number of clinics regarding pregnancy.
If someone here is raising a child via surrogacy process please share your experience with us.
Thanks in advance.

I know for sure they've got a large donor and surrogate database. I guess this is quite unique to see, they offer 3D photos of their donors/surros. So that you could see the woman involved from all the angles. Also one has opportunity to watch an introductive video with her and some short interview. IP study her profile. Surros/donors usually tell their reasons they came into the programs. As far as I know biotex treats 80% foreigners. Their geographical map is quite wide. They have partners all around Europe. In my opinion this is a good sign for every clinic to be well known in the world. We're currenly passing donor egg ivf with them. I got to know about plenty of things. The one which amazed me was that it helps young ukrainian sportsmen to develop their skills through financial support. They do invest sums of money in med research concerning the field. They work with foreign scientists to improve their treatment plans and find new effective combinations. This is not the place for looming your money out. You get the best of services, huge emotional support and care. I know they're holding their open days in London soon. It's a nice opportunity to get info first handed and ask all sorts of questions directly to the head of the English department.
Again surrogacy is not our case. We're using donor egg with ivf. But I'm sure every treatment plan at biotex is well thought out. And waiting time depends on the package sigmed. By the way, which one did you choose? Could you tell us sums, services and waiting time for you?
We're currently waiting for the ET. It's scheduled on the 10th of Aug. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. This is the first time we're using donor eggs. The decision was not easy for both. I guess our lovely dr was the one who really made us comfortable with the thought. So doing my best to prepare for ET. GLs needed much!!
Drop us a line how far have you gone with your surrogacy process??
My positive vibes going your way xx
Salwatsamrana99 wrote:
'' I love to be a part of this journey. ''

Know what?! I completely DON'T LIKE to be the part of this GAME. Infertility knocks out from normal life!! It's all consuming! This is what I got from my GP when first came to her and told we faced trouble conceiving. She gave us this: ~
Therapists' top tips for coping with fertility problems:
Recognize that a fertility problem is a crisis.
Identify and share your feelings.
Don't blame yourself.
Work with your partner as a team.
Educate yourself.
Set a limit on how long you're willing to try.
Decide how much you're willing to pay.
Get support from professionals and other people with fertility problems.
And guess what?? This didn't put my mind at ease. I swallowed this nice ''happiness recipe'' and burst into tears..I felt as broken and miserable as have never in my life before. She tried to calm me down, saying ''Oh, come on, girl, you aren't the only one with such issues!'' Which made my eyes bawled out. I was about to screw her eyes out for this ''sedation''. Starting from this point our nightmare began..
I've been through 1 failed iui, medicated cycles with monitorying, 2 lapo surgeries and 2 OE ivf --All attempts resulted in BFN. I felt crushed and heartbroken. I felt so miserable, also time slipping away from me inevitably. (I'm 37 yrs oldie and this is no good for fertility you know). ivf#1 ER 10 eggs, 6 fertilized - bfn. ivf#2 started bcp for 3 wks started lupron. Passed FET - beta confirmed pregnancy. Beta rising then extremelly falling down. I miscarried..This time went abroad for donor egg cycle at Biotex. Our ET trasnfer is scheduled on the 10th of Aug. Right now I can't say how many rounds of this rollercoaster I can survive.The thing I know for sure my clinic does its best to help us. They guarantee at least 3 A grade 5 day blasts for ET. It makes me feel more comforted to have my embies this strong. But I do struggle so much with all those possible ''IFs'' which are constantly in my head..
This is a tough road to pass.., the toughest.
Infertility is a real cure for a woman. I have faced this curse. At that period of my life, I was like a dead body. I also faced miscarriages in the beginning due to which I was totally lost. But I didn't stop trying and continue my struggle. Then I found a clinic in Eastern Europe. They examined me and found that due to PCOS I can't conceive naturally. They suggested me Surrogacy. It was a difficult decision for me to chose another lady which can carry my child. But I went for it. My surrogate was so much nice and humble lady. She became my friend during the whole session and She blessed me with a baby girl. I suggest you not to lose hope. Stay positive and keep struggling. Everything will be fine in the end.
When It comes to surrogacy. we usually think that it is immoral. But it is not immoral. People nowadays don’t consider it a bad treatment. Previously, people were not aware of infertility treatment. But now the trend has been changed completely. I had my baby two years ago through surrogacy. I am from Japan. Here the government has banned the surrogacy. We fly abroad for my surrogacy. it was a hard task for me. As we were not aware of the clinics. But my clinic was awesome. Their staff was incredibly good. My 1st experience of surrogacy was very good. Now soon I am going to get my child through Surrogacy.
Hi there! Infertility is the worst disease in human's life. Surrogacy and IVF is the best treatment for infertility. Many women are very depressed due to infertility. I'm also a heart patient. It's not possible for me to become a mother. Then I moved to Europe for surrogacy. Now I have a baby through surrogacy. I think you should leave this clinic and select Biotexcom clinic. This clinic is good for surrogacy treatment. Don't lose hope. Hardship is the part of life. I wish you will become a mother soon. They have experienced doctors. They encourage the patients. Hope this option is good for your health. Best of luck. Take care.

Hey there Peggie! I feel extremely sorry to hear about what you had t go through. I am sure that t was a very painful journey for you dear! I can understand to go through the pain mentally and then to lose your baby after a miscarriage is even more stressful. I feel it for you, dear! But you need to stay positive. Just keep determined and do not give up. See I am also an infertile woman and have been trying to get pregnant for the last 7 years. But trust me there is no good in this way if you give up. I have a piece of advice for you. Stay very careful when you choose a clinic for y0ourself. This clinic named Lotus is not safe at all. They are a mere scam. Please make sure to stay aware and avoid going to this clinic at all cost. Wish you all the luck dear!
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Member643838 wrote:
When It comes to surrogacy. we usually think that it is immoral. But it is not immoral. People nowadays don’t consider it a bad treatment. Previously, people were not aware of infertility treatment. But now the trend has been changed completely. I had my baby two years ago through surrogacy. I am from Japan. Here the government has banned the surrogacy. We fly abroad for my surrogacy. it was a hard task for me. As we were not aware of the clinics. But my clinic was awesome. Their staff was incredibly good. My 1st experience of surrogacy was very good. Now soon I am going to get my child through Surrogacy.

I see what you're hinting at. I used to hear quite often ''Sorrogates are modern slaves'' And this made me so sad..There are too little compassionate people nowadays. And those who's never been through infertility will never understand the benefits of every treatment plan. There might be so many reasons to opt for surrogacy!
Single fathers who want babies.
Fear the baby with inherit diseases.
Not having a womb.
Having a womb which cannot carry the baby to the term.
Being of advanced maternal age.
Trauma surrounding the previous pregnancy or birth.
Infertility problems: her, his or both.
Fear that carrying a baby will impact her career.
LGBTQ couples wanting to become parents.
Avoidance of weight gain.
Having previous mcs.
Mom and dad are faced with genetic issues.
And MANY others.
No one has right to judge!!
Im really sorry to hear about your loss. It is incredibly hard to go through your situation. I hope that you know how strong you are. Secondly i would like to say that im happy that you found this clinic. This clinic is full of miracle workers. My neighbour got her IVF done from this clinic. Now she is a happy mother of two beautiful and healthy children. I have also started my treatment from this clinic and have been receiving positive results up till now. The staff is very friendly and professional. Their learned experts reply to my emails so fast. Since, I live in the Netherlands, I cant visit for routinely checkups. So, they email me my reports on time. I am very excited. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone diagnosed with infertility.
I hope you're okay. I'm sorry to hear about your losses.I must say you are really strong for what you've been through is seriously painful. to go through all this time you must be really strong.
Hello. I hope you are doing well Thank you for this post. I'm glad things worked out for you. I know how hard it gets at times. TTC gets so hard and frustrating. I've been there. I'm glad you decided to go for surrogacy. It was a wise decision. The clinic you mentioned here seems great. A friend when to the same clinic in Ukraine for her IVF. She finally conceived her baby. She is 6 months pregnant now. I'm considering this clinic for surrogacy for myself. Thanks for sharing your experience here. It really helped.
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