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Biotexcom is an amazing clinic. They are creating families and spreading happiness for years. Their doctors are very knowledgeable and their staff is caring too. This is the clinic which is socially active too. They always make efforts to help and educate people. For this purpose, now they are planning to arrange a seminar to spread awareness. Date and Venue are not announced yet but I am sure that they will make an announcement very soon. Waiting anxiously for next update.
Hey there Paggie! I hope that you are doing good now. I know that this struggle and journey of trying to conceive is hard. I am also sure that you are facing real stress in order to face the society. However, you should just neglect what the society says. Moreover, I have some good news for you. I have recently joined this clinic called Biotexcom. They are treating my infertility. They are lucky hosting a public event. That will also have free counseling sessions a well. So you can visit the doctors there. They will guide you and help you with your issue. Moreover, you might also end up joining them. All the very best dear!
Hey how are you? I hope youre doing good. I completely agree with you. That clinic is indeed the best in the world. I have never heard a single bad thing about that clinic. I love how honest they are with their clients. I also love their confidence and positivity. When i was at their clinic for my treatment every single staff member was so nice. A nurse even came up to me and prayed with me. The environment of that clinic can be defined as pure bliss. I am in awe of their doctors. I love how professional they are. It is honestly amazing to see how learned they are. They hold so much command over their field of expertise. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that is tired of clinic failing them time and again.
I m also a victim like you and have been trying for TTC for almost ten years. I have tried all the possible options but all of them failed. I m an aged women now and this stresses me often that soon it will be impossible for me to try any other option.A good friend of mine whose husband was not fit regarding this matter gave me the idea to go for surrogacy.Surrogacy is best known methd used in our time. It is indeed a great way to have a baby if it is not possible naturally.It is been providing good results.I is banned in some countries but in Europe and USA it is not prohibited. Some clinics are also giving a special offers which are not much expensive.I m so anxious to have baby of my own. Finally i m going for it as there is no better option left for me.I will advice you to go for surrogacy.The procedure is very comforting smooth. I have heard many success stories of people regarding this matter.I am now totally agree to go for surrogacy because of positive feedback.
Paggie909 wrote:
At the age of 43 years old i'm married for second time.
I was married earlier and geting pregnant was not an easy task for me.
I had a number of complications while getting pregnant.
I conceived for three times but always resulted in miscarriage.
Surrogaccy is the best solution for the women who don't have any luck with babies.
My husband wants a baby from me and i told him everything regarding my pregnancy complications.
So i started looking for some method to have a baby for us.
BioTexCom clinic is the best clinic regarding surrogacy.
They cleared my confusions reagarding surrogacy.
They satisfied me and they told us they will find a surrogate for my baby.
They have a number of surrogates from their clinic as well.
A surrogate will go through proper testing to become a surrogate mother of my child.
From different forum i came to know that surrogacy is the best solution for us to have a baby.
So i contacted a number of clinics regarding pregnancy.
If someone here is raising a child via surrogacy process please share your experience with us.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there. This is such an amazing news. I am so happy for you. It must have been an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing this. There are so many of us looking for surrogacy. Infertility is just so nerve wrecking. I have been TTC for 6 years now. My husband is a very supportive man. In fact, he is the one who suggested surrogacy. I am looking around for clinics. I have shortlisted some in Ukraine. The treatment here is too expensive. We would never be able to do it. I am so happy about these options and opportunities. Love and best wishes.
Hey there Paggie! I hope you are doing well. I agree with you Surrogacy is such a blessing. It's a helping a lot of people to achieve their dreams, I m one of them. The clinic you mentioned is where I am having my treatment right now. The staff is so experienced and they know how to deal with their patients. I found out about this clinic through people, everyone was recommending this clinic. I m glad I made this decision of opting for this clinic. The clinic is doing an exceptional job. It's not even that expensive like other clinics and the services they offer at such a low price are on point. I m in the middle of my treatment tho, my surrogate is pregnant and all I have to do now is wait for the due date. This clinic really played a big part in my treatment, if it wasn't for them I would have given up a long time ago. Stay blessed! Good Luck everyone!
Hello. How are you doing? I think considering other options is the wise decision here. This will solve your problem. TTC gets very hard and frustrating. I don't think waiting any longer would not do you any good. This also messes with your mental health. Take a break for yourself for a while. You need to think things through. I'm really sorry about your struggles. But it is time to accept your reality and do something about it. I'm glad you realized your problem here. You have already taken the first step. Take baby steps from here. Everything will work out for you for sure. Dont lose hope.
Hey Paggie, you have indeed gone through a lot. Surrogacy is one of the procedures for which visiting the right clinic is very important. Therefore, I am glad that you are researching on it. There are a few things that matter a lot when it comes down to finding the clinic for yourself. Firstly, make sure that the clinic is operating legally. Secondly, make sure that the clinic has doctors that are experienced. They should know how to carry the process out. Then also check the services and the programs they offer. These are all the things that I saw in the clinic which I am recently in contact with. They are wonderful! I would suggest that you give them a try. If you want more detailed information about them I can provide it to you. Good luck to you. Don't lose hope! Sending baby dust your way.
I hope your surrogacy procedure goes well. The clinic you have mentioned is the most renowned clinic in this process. I have heard so many success stories and they are all linked to it. For surrogacy the thing that matters the most is a good clinic. The clinic should be operating legally. The rules and policies should be clearly defined as well. All of these sum up and define a clinic. I visited this clinic after doing all of this research. It is because of this reason that I am so satisfied. They are doing a great job. Everything is extremely coordinated. They are very systematic as well which for me matters a lot. I am excited and hoping for the best. Good luck to you as well. I hope things go well.
Hi, lovely. I'm sorry you're going through this. We all are here for you.
In an IVF cycle you maximize your chances by generating as many mature eggs as possible. IVF medications are often complicated. You’ll likely be self-administering a combination of injections, patches, and pills. (Under the stress of IVF, it’s very easy to forget what medications you need to take at what times. If this happens to you, don’t be embarrassed or alarmed, but seek help and advice). Once you’re taking medications to stimulate your ovaries, you’ll need regular blood tests to measure the levels of hormones in the body. Because every woman responds to IVF medications differently, hormones must be adjusted day-to-day to ensure enough follicles are stimulated. And to reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Your physician will likely require an ultrasound to monitor the growth of follicles within the ovaries. Perhaps not surprisingly, given of the demands of the process, stress and mood swings are common during ovarian stimulation. Mood swings can be a combination of hormonal changes in your body, and the stress of IVF treatment itself. It’s often hard to separate the two.
I hope this message finds you healthy, hun. Be strong and keep posting Xx
Paggie, honey, hey! How are you doing, today? I hope you're okay. I'm sorry to hear about your losses. It's a tough situation to be in. My advice to you would be to make a decision and make it fast. Age is catching up with you. It makes no sense to wait so much. You should consider assisted conception, seriously! I'd suggest visiting a fertility clinic, soon. There's a very good chance that it works out. No point in wasting more time. Good luck to you. I hope it works for you. Lots of love and baby dust your way. Keep us posted on how it goes!
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