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IVF with DOR and age 38 Rss

Hi everyone, I had my first IVF last year when my AMH was 3.1 and I had 5 eggs retrieved, 2 good embryos at day 5 and I transferred them separately but both ended BFN. Now I am having my 2nd IVF but only 3 eggs retrieved yesterday and today was told that only one is fertilised. I am waiting for the transfer in 2 days.
I am so sad that I got fewer eggs each time and I am already 38. Does anyone have similar experience? Appreciate a lot for sharing your stories which would support me a lot.
I will say go for surrogacy. It is easier and successful method of having a baby. As i have gone through it that is why i am saying for surrogacy. Surrogacy was successful for my family. I had hysterectomy cancer due to which i was infertile for life. So we decided to go for surrogacy. And it turns to be a real straight success for us without any issue. Now we will have our twin daughters from this surrogacy.
That is why i suggest surrogacy. Good luck to your friend.
Hey there! I hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. Well IVF is a good option to have children for infertile. But In my opinion, surrogacy is better than IVF. Because in surrogacy, there is less chance of failure. I hope best for you. Stay blessed.
Thanks ladies for your replies. Yes surrogate is definitely worthy to consider, however, I am afraid that our egg and sperm qualities are so low that we we don't even have good embryos for surrogate sad
Does anyone have successful stories on improved embryo/egg/sperm qualities after unsuccessful IVF?
Hello there. How are you? I hope you're okay. I have had a similar experience. I understand how painful and frustrating it can gt. I lost my uterus. Due to uterine cancer. I was very disappointed and hopeless at that time. but due to the help of my friends and family, I got hope again. reach out to them for support. Keep going on. It may get really painful but you have to keep moving on. I opted for surrogacy then. I may be moving to Ukraine for my surrogacy. I hope you have a beautiful child soon. Lots of love.
Hi. I hope you are doing good. I can relate to your pain. I know how hard time you must be having right now. Dear, don't lose hope. Stay strong. I hope more of your eggs get fertilized this time. If it does not work this time, go for surrogacy. It has a higher success rate. Take care.
Yes! that happens. Some individuals often get fewer eggs. And that's fine I guess. It's just the circumstances. That varies from person to person. This is never assure that how many eggs you would receive. Some have a good number and some have little. But what if those little fertilized well. So yes I have interacted with women who get huge numbers of eggs. But it depends that how many of your eggs fertilized. Some who get greater number had lesser or no fertilized eggs. You see. That's what i am saying. You must have trust. Maybe even these fewer eggs get fertilized at their best. And would help you conceive soon.
I would pray for your best of everything. I wish you all the luck. Fingers crossed.
Hey. I am so sorry for you. I hope you will be a mom soon. IVF is an amazing process. But I think it is great to choose surrogacy. Sometimes eggs are not ready to get fertilized. I am sorry but its true. In surrogacy, the clinic provides a guarantee to its IPs that they will be parents soon. Secondly, IVF is unpredictable. I also have a baby through surrogacy. It is a safe procedure.
Hello. I am so sad for you. I trust you will be a mother soon. IVF is an astonishing procedure. In any case, I think it is extraordinary to pick surrogacy. Now and again eggs are not prepared to get treated. I am sad however its true. In surrogacy, the centre gives an assurance to its IPs that they will be guardians soon. Also, IVF is directionless. I likewise have an infant through surrogacy. It is a safe strategy.
Hi! Hope you are doing great. Sad to hear about you. Yes IVF may cause problems sometimes. Sucess rate of IVF is also not satisfactory. Surrogacy can be the best option available to you. It is the totally secure technique of getting a child. After my 4 MCs, I also went for it. Now I am happy to announce that I ma mother of a surrogate baby. It proved like a blessing for me. It was just like a miracle. So I also recommend you to go for it. Best of luck whatever you do. Take care. Stay blessed
Hi! Joining the thread. Can definitely relate to ivf matters. I'm 36 yrs old with one ovary only and POF. My last AMH test results came in 4 which is definitely low. I already have a kid of 2,7 yrs old conceived naturally. But from that time things changed dramatically leading me to infertility. Trying supplements, acupuncture & of course some of the life changes brought no result. So after year of trying we found ourselves at a fertility expert who told us awful news. From that point we were meant to go straight to ivf with donor egg because of much higher success rates for our particular case. Dh has always been the rock of support. So we searched for options together. He's been with me every tough moment I'm extremelly thankful for. I need to add I have an identical twin sister who has 2 children. She won't have more because her dh has had a vasectomy. Once we did consider using her eggs. Though I don't think we both got there, so we decided not to risk with relationship and moved on with using someone else' eggs. After weeks of self educating and searching we made the decision to go abroad. We've already had our 1st consultation with our clinic which was unexpectedly productive and smooth. Our next visit to the clinic will be for ET. Hope they'll harvest them gorgeous - lol.
Hey, There Dear. How are you? I hope its all great. I am really sorry that you have to go for IVF. I know it's not easy. I have seen people go through it. I wish you good luck. Please be strong and positive. good luck. Take care.
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