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IVF or surrogacy Lock Rss

Hey there. I so understand what you mean. Both are alternates to infertility. Yet one is favored by so many while the other is stigmatized and shunned. It is okay not to like it. But I have seen so many women think of it so negatively.
I personally think it is an amazing option. Not only for infertile couples, but also couples of same sex. It is making having a family reality for so many around us. I have a very close friend who went for surrogacy after 6 long years of TTC. I do not think she would have been able to complete her family without surrogacy. It is just amazing to see her so happy. Someone telling me it is not right or ethical. They should first tell me of an alternative which would have made my friend as happy as she is. If there was any alternative, I am sure she must have tried it. So I am completely in favor of it.
Hey Angelica. I hope you're doing fine. You started an interesting post, mate. I totally respect your opinion. As far as I'm concerned, I think that both the methods are equally useful and important. Both of them are great alternatives to have a child. Those who're infertile often go for IVF first just in case they are lucky enough to experience pregnancy. This might be the reason why IVF is more supported than surrogacy. After the process of IVF is done, it feels like a natural pregnancy. People usually keep it confidential too for whatever reasons. While surrogacy simply means that someone else is carrying your baby. People usually frown upon it. But they don't realize the pain of the intended parents due to infertility. They don't have any choice left if they want to become parents. We should be thankful for these methods which are there to help people fulfill their dreams.
Surrogacy is better in my opinion. IVF doesn't confirm anything. It doesn't work for everyone. Surrogacy is safe compared to that. There's a clinic I know of that offers multiple tries of IVF in surrogacy. How amazing is that? No money would go to waste in this way.
Hello. I'm glad you asked. It's not a choice really. But if it was choice people would definitely go with IVF. It lets them carry their own baby. The process is different. The embryos are developed out of the body. But then they are implanted in the uterus of the mother. Surrogacy involves IVF too. Only the carrier is a different woman who is the surrogate mother. This is why surrogacy used to be a little controversial back then. But I don't think it's like that anymore. So it really depends on the person's condition and ability. If the mother is able to carry the child she would obviously choose IVF over surrogacy. But some people simply can't carry a baby due to a number of conditions. In that case, surrogacy is the answer.
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Hey Angelica, I hope you are doing well. I think it is not about options in such cases. It's like you don't even have a choice. Both the procedures are made for different people. Not everyone one is a candidate. It's a common misconception I feel like. So, for example, I had to go for surrogacy mainly because I didn't have any other choice. This is my only hope. I am glad that you were able to make a decision regarding this as well. I hope your process goes well. I am in the last phase of the process. the surrogate mother is pregnant. We are desperately waiting for the final call. Hoping for the best. Good luck to you.
When I was choosing this process for us it was really a tough decision to make. Mainly because in the area we live in the cost of it is very high. So high that it was a complete no for us. However, we didn't want the financial restrictions to come in between. Therefore, it was then that we started looking abroad. Finally found a clinic in east Europe. The one you are talking about. They offer two packages. The standard and the VIP package. I found both of these very attractive. They were reasonable as compared to all the other clinics I had contacted earlier. I also liked how they offered accommodation as well. My process went great with them. They focused on quality which was something that was really hard to find in others. Good luck to all.
Angelica, how are you? I hope you're good. You raise a very good question. IVF is normally considered a better option than surrogacy. Maybe that's because in IVF you conceive yourself. However, in surrogacy, you're dependent on a surrogate. Maybe, people do not see that as something nice. It's crazy, it really is. We're in 2019! People still frown upon surrogacy. It's a blessing, to be fair! It's helping people get over infertility. I really wish people would stop looking at it in such a negative way. All these methods are supposed to help. Thank you for talking about this! It was really nice of you! Good luck with whatever you choose!
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