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Member457938 wrote:
Thanks for another informative web site. I went to a clinic in Europe. They provided me with the best services. They also provide a healthy surrogate. You still have an option of surrogacy. I think you should avail it. If you want to go for the same then you will surely get a baby geometry dash

As I've mentioned before, the truth is, the general profile of surrogate women corresponds to caring, responsible, family-oriented, generous women. All in all, they do this because they wish to give others the gift of family. Besides, they are conscientious women who truly wish to participate in the process of surrogacy. Be it as it may, one should definitely keep in mind the surrogate’s general state of health, pregnancy history and lifestyle above all! I'm glad you've had the best experiences with your clinic/process flow.
Bettycooper wrote:
We are here to support you. I am sure it will work this time. You need to do few things though. Stop thinking too much. It affects the cycle negatively. Think positive and be calm. Trust me it helped me pass my cycle. I am sure it will work out for you as well. Best of luck with it.

I completely agree. Stressing ruins everything. I used to worry just like that back when I was in the middle of my procedure. The doctors were all so nice and supportive at my clinic. But the stress just won't go. I always focussed on the negative what-ifs. But everything worked out in the end. Worrying led me nowhere.
For the woman, however, the IVF process actually starts weeks earlier. IVF is not a single treatment but a series of procedures. An average IVF cycle takes about 6 to 8 weeks from consultation to transfer. But again depending on the specific circumstances of each the path is similar for every patient. What varies is how your body responds at each stage. and all this is only about women who can choose -use their own egg or donor egg. but most of the patients who use donor eggs don’t have another choice. they have indications for unconditional donation, such as lack of ovarian, "lazy ovaries" syndrome, surgery, chemotherapy, genetic hereditary diseases, menopause etc.
I am really sorry to read about your MC. I hope things get better for you. IVF is an unpredictable process. Therefore, you never know if it will work for you or not. However, one has to be really strong and positive. I would suggest you visit a doctor with a high success rate. This will really have a positive impact on your process. Sending baby dust your way.
IVF is usually a financial burden. Choosing to use a surrogate for pregnancy can increase the cost depending on your specific surrogate agency and contract. And just like other IVF needs that are not factored into the cost, genetic testing such as PGD or PGS can also increase your out-of-pocket cost. Choosing to test embryos before they are transferred to the uterus can run from $2k to $7k and is often not included in the overall IVF cost with the most of clinics. That's why whatever the case is, I'd recommend looking onto so called guaranteed plans. Those are aimed to cover you from money loss. Great option to use, surely.
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