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I myself am visiting a clinic in this vicinity and they are doing a phenomenal job. At first, I was also confused just like you. However, now that I have opted for it is the best decision I have ever made. Therefore, my advice to you would be to go for it. It is always better to start a process than to delay it. Good luck to you. If you need any additional information do let me know. Sending baby dust your way.
It is ok to feel this way! You shouldn't go ahead if you are not completely sure about this. Rushing in such situations is never good. I'll tell you what I did here. I called the clinic I plan on going to. I explained how I'm confused about this. They guided me through the whole thing. I used to email them every time I had a query. They replied with the answer immediately. You should try talking to them too.
You shouldn't waste your time! These decisions should be taken quickly. However, don't rush into choosing a clinic. It requires a lot of patience and extensive research. I would suggest you go for it, right away. There's nothing wrong in that. These methods are quite expensive. You would want your money to be safe, even if something goes south. So, it's important to find a good clinic. There are lots of good clinics in Europe. Some of them provide such services for fewer amounts of money. You should keep searching for good ones. Do let me know if you need some help with it. I would gladly help you out. Good luck on your journey, honey!
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