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Hey, Anna, sorry to hear about the test you are into. There are millions of women who are struggling with infertility either married or singles. And to be honest, at times age doenst play a role. For some, age becomes a major hurdle and for some age has no restrictions. I am struggling too, and I will tell you how I chose a clinic. Well, as for clinics, indeed it is a hard work. You must choose what seems easy and feasible for you. However, choosing a clinic isn't as easy as ABC. Because there are certain conditions involved which allow you to have your money saved also saves you from disappointments. Before choosing a clinic you must see the database of the clinic of a country in which you are planning the surrogacy. Mooer, the staff turn over. The more the turn over the more the mistakes. Also, compare the success rates. Lastly, the cost. Nothing comes cheap today, and when it comes to health, the importance of money doesn't count. However, surrogacy abroad is a little cheap than in our own countries. Go the websites of the clinics you will shortlist and then connect with the people with similar experiences. Hope this has helped!! Good luck
Hello! Sad to hear about your infertility. It is really a hard thing to face. It is a good thing that you are thinking about the surrogacy. After my 4 MCs, my life stopped. I was too fed up. But then surrogacy felt like the last hope. So I decided to go for the surrogacy. And I am happy to announce that I got a surrogate son. So my first advice is that never lose hope. Because when you lose hope, you lose everything. And my 2nd advice is that just go for surrogacy. Do not wait for anymore. It the safest, so do not worry about the process. My best wishes are with you. God bless you.
Eudorathompson89 wrote:
Hello! Sorry to hear about your infertility. It is really a hard thing to face. but you need not worry about this. Now you have chosen a right way. After my 3 MCs, I also went for the surrogacy. It was really hard to decide. But I stood with it. I got a surrogate son. It was a good experience for me. I went to Ukraine for it. It really helps. I suggest you not to waste any more time. My best wishes to you. God bless you. Take care.

Hey! Sorry to hear about your MC. Tough times I know. But glad that you made it. Being infertile is not your fault but staying infertile is always your fault. And it is tough for every woman that had surrogacy. But luckily you got your son. What a beautiful experience it would be. A good life. And the place you mentioned has been on my mind for so long. I am quite sure that it would be one of the places that I would take for my procedure. So wish me luck too. Fingers crossed.
hi dear!!!! i can understand the pain. but stay strong. And for the surrogacy. surrogacy, really a great of hope to the infertile. when they find no way to get rid of infertility. it is really a great blessing. my aunt went for surrogacy and she is enjoying a happy family life. we must pay a great tribute to the medical science and researchers as well. I wish you very good luck. a lot of baby dust to you.
I am fine. Thanks for asking. How are you doing? So you are looking for some clinic for your surrogacy. I have heard it is expensive there. I had my surrogacy from Ukraine. Actually, I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It was the end to me. I didn't know what to do next. Then a close friend of mine suggested us to visit this place in Ukraine. I am glad we considered her advice. We flew to Ukraine. We decide to give surrogacy a try. It was an amazing experience there. We had some great time.
Now we have our baby girl. I wish you luck and love in future.
Hey there, How are you? Hope you are doing well. I feel sorry for me. But i am glad you are thinking about other options. Infertility is really painful. A family is incomplete without a child. I am happy you made the right decision. So you are looking for the clinics. I heard Ukraine has the best clinics for surrogacy. I have read many positive reviews on this forum. I am also an infertile. I can't conceive because of my heart disease. My husband and i decided to go for surrogacy. We contacted Adonis clinic for the treatment. We want to know about the packages and the success stories. but they didn't reply to our email. At first, we thought they might be busy so we emailed again but still no response after a month. Their communication service is really pathetic. I am really disappointed. Now we are looking for other clinics for the treatment. Please suggest a good one.
Whatever is convenient for you and satisfies you, should be your choice. Surrogacy is the best solution to fight infertility. I'm glad you chose it. I'd suggest that clinics who offer you the perfect matched surrogate mother, are perfect to go for. They then take care of all the paperwork and take responsibility for themselves. I hope things are easy for you. Much love.
Hey there! I am so sorry for how you treated by the clinic. You don't deserve that clinic. I don't understand why scam like Adonis still working. They have just betrayed the IP,s. This clinic should be banned because they are playing with the emotions of the patients which they don't have right. My friend facing infertility issue for so long. She was fed up with TTC and all these things. She decided to go for an alternative. Unfortunately, she chooses the Adonis clinic for her fertility treatment. Later on, she realized that she made the worst decision. She emailed them for getting information about the treatment. But the clinic has a same non-responsive attitude towards her. I hope no other one will come across from such scam. Goodluck
I hope you're doing fine. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I was searching on the forums and saw yours. I am infertile. I was trying to conceive since last 7 years but failed always and then my doctor suggested me for the surrogacy. My doctor also said that surrogacy is best for me in the end as IVF don't go best in every one case. I am hoping to get the best option for me soon.
Having a baby is not impossible now. You can consider other options. Talk to your doctor about it. See what your options are. I'm sure something will work out for you. I know times are hard right now. But in the end, everything will be worth it. Don't lose hope.
Sorry to hear about this. You know a lot of people are going abroad these days for such procedures. I did it because it was more affordable there. Infertility treatments are really expensive in my country. I could barely afford it. I'm glad I found a place that didn't try to rip me off. I hope you find one too.
I myself am visiting a clinic in this vicinity and they are doing a phenomenal job. At first, I was also confused just like you. However, now that I have opted for it is the best decision I have ever made. Therefore, my advice to you would be to go for it. It is always better to start a process than to delay it. Good luck to you. If you need any additional information do let me know. Sending baby dust your way.
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