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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your friend. Infertility has increased so much common these days and TTC is a hard job and the world doesn't understand it so we have to hold onto. Today's medical advancement can make everything possible and procedures are there to overcome infertility too. You just need to explore them. I am totally with surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. Kids are such a blessing everyone deserves to have them. I myself have a baby from surrogacy. I hope your friend overcomes infertility. Baby dust to her! Best of luck for her in future. xx
I can understand what you are going through. To go for surrogacy you need to find a well suitable clinic. Lotus and Adios are clinics that are not good enough. I hope you find a good clinic anywhere. I know some clinics in Ukraine. Do try to give them a visit.
IVF has proven to be a highly successful process. A lot of infertile couples have been able to fight through infertility because of it. For IVF I remember I watched the video posted by my clinic. In the video, they explained everything! I would suggest that you watch it. Good luck to your colleague. Tell her for IVF success it is important that she visits a good doctor and a clinic where good services are being provided. One of the reasons why my process is going well is due to this reason.
Hello. Hope you're well. It's nice to see how concerned you are about her. You seem like such a great person. IVF might actually work out for her. But it doesn't guarantee a pregnancy. She should take as much time as she needs to prepare herself for this. It's important to be ready. If people are looking for recommendations, I can help you out. I know of a place where fertility treatments are really affordable. It's reliable too. She should consider it. It is better if she talks to a professional first. This would clear out a lot of confusions. Good luck.
Hi everyone!
I am a new member here
my name is Emma. I have been through 2 ivf rounds. now we are about to start the third one. we were ttcing naturally for about 2 years before but then noticed that it did not work out. this is basically why we decided to go for ivf.
I know that if this round does not work out, we will go for ivf de or surrogacy oe. depending on what our dr has to say
this web site is superb
Zoe, I can understand how difficult this might be for your friend. However, let her know that things will get better. IVF is actually a really good idea to consider. For the process, my honest suggestion to you would be to select a good clinic. The clinic I am visiting is the one I selected after a lot of research. I was really glad to know that they offered a guaranteed program which ensured that things will work out eventually. I then on visiting was also happy after meeting the doctors because they were extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Good luck to you friend.
I hope your friend's process goes well. I have heard really good things about the process. It has helped many fight through infertility. I would definitely recommend her to go forward with it. However, just make sure that the clinic she visits is operating at a high success rate. Ask others about their experience as well. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's situation. I'm glad she isn't wasting time, though. IVF is the best way to go about it. It's the ideal solution to PCOS. Good luck to your friend. I hope it works out for her! Sending her my best wishes and love.
I'm sorry to hear about her situation. I think she's on the right track. IVF works perfectly for PCOS, though. It's a tailormade solution to get past PCOS and get pregnant. It's good to see you helping her out. Good luck to her! I had a really good experience with IVF, myself. I also suffer from PCOS. It was a surprise, though, when I found out that I cannot get pregnant, naturally. I would need some sort of assistance. The doctors told me, there really is no point in trying otherwise. I was a bit skeptical, however, with the help of my DH, we went through it. It all ended up well for us! I'm glad I opted for it. Here's to hoping she has similar fortunes. Keep us posted on her journey!
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