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pregnancy test is negative Lock Rss

I'm so sorry to hear that. IVF isn't always so successful on first few attempts. Use this information to give yourself hope. I know it must be heart-shattering but please hold it together! The stress isn't a good environment for the bay to be conceived. I think you should definitely keep trying. It'll all be well worth the wait! Good luck and keep us updated!
I am sorry to hear your loss and my eyes turned to tears. Don't give up. Everything will be fine. Ask your doctor, if doctors are saying that you should avoid then try it. Maybe it helps a lot. Often it happens because doctors want to give you a break. Your hormones level does not work properly. Sometimes doctors suggest this because if you ignore this issue as you can. When you keep this thing away from you. it will release your stress and boost up your energy. Once you make this stamina you can do it in a better way. If doctors say that you will not be a mom ever then you should move out but at this time, try to follow the doctor’s instructions. It will help you a lot because they have experience and you have not. Best of luck.
Hi, don’t worry. I’m sorry about your failed cycles. I know you are very disappointed. You should not give up. Infertility is a problem who made women disappointed. You should not stress. This is not a right way. Your story is so sad but still, You shouldn't lose hope. Good luck. Take care. Stay strong.
Hey Sandra! All my heartiest condolences are with you on such a painful moment. You have had the worst of what any women can ever experience. known t feels to end up in a fail attempt of IVF everytime you plan to go for it. But please just stay calm and composed. You need to have all the support of your husband throughout. And if you want to make it a point to get a baby, then eradicate these negative thoughts. KIndly also let me know which clinic have you been using for all the 3 times that you have gone for IVF. The major impact on the results of the IVF is mainly because of the clinic that you have chosen. This is why I want to share about the clinic that I recently discovered for myself. This is because I have also been trying to conceive for about 7 years.BUt this clinic in Europe is amazing and has the best of doctors. You should ee gynecologists in this clinic in Europe.
I am sure you will not feel disappointed after your first time in this clinic.
Take care and wish you all the very best!
Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I can totally understand how you must be feeling right now. I have been in your shoes. You should not lose hope. I know you are becoming paranoid. It is totally ok. But at this time you need love and support. I'm sure you will become a mother one day. If you stop stressing, you will have a healthy pregnancy next time. IVF is usually at third cycle. Although, I got my baby boy through surrogacy. Best of luck. Cheers!
IVF depends on the embryo transfer. Your story is not much different. Many couples going for IVF face the challenge of the failure. It is because it is the scientific procedure. Like any other procedure, it has both the success and failure chances. Unfortunately, you are facing the same. Despite having the healthy embryos, the process failed. Don't worry there must be something better for you.
Hey there. I am so sorry. You must be really disappointed. But do not lose hope, and stay strong. Consult your doctor. There will definitely be a better chance next time. Do not give up on your hopes to have a baby. Love and prayers for you.
Sorry to hear about this. It could probably happen because you didn't have a healthy enough uterus. This matters a lot. You should go for surrogacy now. Trying IVF again would be useless. Ukraine is very famous for surrogacy. you should check it out.
Dear Sandra, You must follow your doctor's instructions as well. Because a doctor is always our well-wisher. They just want to full fill our wishes by treatment. It's their passion. So I will suggest you to just don't lose hope. If your doctor is saying to take some time as a break then you should take it as it will be beneficial for you as well. You need to just take care of your self and pay your full attention to the doctor's instructions. You also just get rid of all kind of tensions. You will get be blessed soon, Good luck.
Hello love. I am so saddened to hear about your failed IVF procedures. But don't lose hope. And don't stress about it. Give it another shot. Even if then Godforbid nothing works, then there is a clinic in Ukraine called the BioTexCom. I have heard they are really good with handling such issues related to IVF and Surrogacy. You should contact them. Just keep a positive mind, and don't lose hope.
Hey, there dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your failed cycles. I know it's not always. This will get better soon. Just hold on. Don't give up. I wish you good luck for the future. Take care and lots of love.
hey there! I hope you are doing great.i am so sorry to hear about your problem. I think its common with age. my sister had two failed IVF cycles. you should be strong. and consider going for surrogacy. its an amazing method of having a baby. you should contact BIOTEXCOM a clinic in Ukraine that offers facilities and more pop procedure for this.
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