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3 failed ivf, next step?? Lock Rss

Hey! How are you doing? Hope everything is great at your side. Infertility can be very heartbreaking. It never leaves your mind. You sleep and wake up with this heavy feeling. I can understand your situation, love. IVF is a very expensive method of conception. I had my first child through IUI after several failed attempts. Later due to some issues, I suffered from a hysterectomy and now I am unable to naturally give birth to a baby at all. I have been suggested to go for surrogacy because it is really effective and there higher chances of its success. I am hopeful with this method because the clinic in Europe I am going to is amazing. The doctors are really helping. I would recommend you to not waste further money and try surrogacy. My best wishes are with you!
Hey, hope you are doing good. I am not in favor of IVF because it is some sort of risky and painful. IVF is less successful than surrogacy. I am a mother of a baby who was given birth by a surrogate. I was so depressed that I cannot be a mother again when I found me infertile. I had a Cervix Incompetence disease. I spent 7 years in treatment but I faced failure. I went for IVF but it failed in my case. When I was blessed with a baby I was so happy. I have not given birth to her but I am a mother just because of Surrogacy.
I am really sorry to hear about your failed IVF round. I find myself in a very similar situation. The financial constraint was the biggest issue for us. All these fertility treatments cost so much. However, I decided to go for my process to Europe. Here the treatments are done comparatively inexpensively. The quality of work is also good which obviously mattered. Therefore, don't regret or lose hope just research for the right place.
These treatments can cost you an arm and a leg. You gotta find a cheaper clinic. It can really elevate your journey. Look up for IVF clinics in Europe. Just don't contact Adonis. They are again very expensive. So look out for other options. I am sure you'll be to solve your issue.
Hi there. I am really sorry for what you have to go through. There is nothing left but just to regret. Keep your hopes high now. Make sure you contact a right clinic. Ukraine has got some clinics at reasonable prices. I think you should contact them. Good luck.
What a hard situation it is. Sending virtual hugs for you. I can relate to your situation. It is tough spending lots of money on failed cycles. It literally breaks down a person mentally and emotionally. I hope you have a successful soon. Stay positive.
hi, hope so you are doing great. Don't take the stress. Don't overthink. All will be fine. Stay positive and happy. I think you should go for a checkup. Nowadays infertility is not a big problem. Surrogacy is indeed the best method. IVF is also a good process . In Europe, there are best clinics. Which are not so expensive. Better things will come soon.
Oh, I am so sad to hear this. I am really sorry to see you in this situation. I can understand how you must be feeling. It would be really painful for you to bear all this. But you have to stay strong. Don't lose hope. I wish you best of luck for a successful IVF. I'll pray for you.
HI there, if you are not satisfied from the IVF then there are two options for you. The first option is that you have to go for a proper clinic like Ukraine BioTexCom , where you will successfully have the baby, because this could be a normal library results issue. Second option is that you have to go for surrogacy process. I am sure that is the naturally process will make you a mother. Then you will have a baby and will be happy smile Best wishes with you.!
Hey dear. Hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear that your IVF failed. It's really heartbreaking. Getting pregnant at your age is really difficult. You seem to be quite aware of it. But don't worry. Just stay hopeful. There are others way out. Like surrogacy. Hope you will decide the best. Good luck.
This is so sad. I am really sorry to hear about all this. I can understand how hard it is for you. It would be really painful for you to bear all this. But you have to stay strong. Don't lose hope. Try again with an IVF treatment. I'm hopeful it will work out this time. Good luck!
I also had 3 miscarriages from my first marriage. There were firstly many complications while getting pregnant. But once i was pregnant i miscarried. For 3 times i miscarried. Than i gave up in getting pregnant again. I lost all my hope of having a baby. Than i came to know about surrogacy method. I heard it is a common method of having a baby. So now i will go for surrogacy.
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