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3 failed ivf, next step?? Lock Rss

Hey dear, I am very sad for you. It is the very hard situation. I know it is very difficult for a mother. You have told a heartbreaking condition. I want to ask you something. What was the issue? Did you choose the best one clinic? Did you really take care of your health? Or you have ignored all the things. Need to think about. Good wishes to you.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. IVF is a great process. a lot of people go for it. it helps couples that are unable to have a baby of their own. and people having a hard time conceiving. it is a little painful but worth it. hope it goes well for you.
hi dear, I hope you are doing good. I know this must be hard for you. I am feeling sorry for you. I think you must try again with IVF. I hope that everything goes as planned. Be positive and never to lose hope.
That is why i didn't went for IVF. I went for surrogacy from a BioTexCom clinic. The clinic is very good in surrogacy services.
We had our twin daughters from that clinic. The clinic is very professional in surrogacy. Right after the legal documentation. Our surrogacy process started.
It was a quick success for us. I have a wonderful experience with the clinic.
The clinic is going to arrange an event. The event is going to take place in London.
On 18,19th of August the event is going to take place. There they will offer some seats for registrations too. There are limited seats only. So some one thinking of surrogacy should go there. They are the best clinic regarding surrogacy.
Hey. I hope you are fine. I'm sorry to hear about this. I know it gets tough. IVF is so expensive. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. You should get your eggs checked. If there's a problem with them and your uterus, it might be the reason IVF failed for you. I think surrogacy would be a better option here. It is risk-free. It has become so affordable nowadays. I know of a perfect clinic you could go to for your procedure. They are really helpful. They are super affordable too. You should check them out. Good luck.
I know you have been through a lot. These are difficult times and believe me they will pass. People have been working in this regard and they have found surrogacy. It is a blessing and has changed the life of infertile people. I wish you all the best for the future and cool
You know, guys, what bothered us the most with the previous clinic was that our RE used to never make any recommendations for us after each failure..We did a lot of testing..And evantually found out I had lost immunity to Rubella. So I got re-vaccinated and since it's a live vaccine had to wait 1 month before trying again. He did recommend a supplement for dh. Which I suspect accounts for some of the difference between cycles..Dh was taking them on a regular basis. But seems this didn't help us much. I wonder what else could we both do to boost chances and not see dreadful bfn..I am shocked at the grief I felt. I was so hopeful, and that first bfn after IVF#1 was so emotional. Even more than any of the other months of trying and bfn.
I'm also just not sure if continuing with IVF makes sense or if there are other options to boost our chances before we go to egg donation..Which I'm not sure if we can really accept.. I've also read a thing about mitochondria donation Bio tex provides..This is surely another point for our further research..May god help us to stay strong.
marhiya wrote:
hey there! I hope you are doing great. IVF is a great process. a lot of people go for it. it helps couples that are unable to have a baby of their own. and people having a hard time conceiving. it is a little painful but worth it. hope it goes well for you.

In general, the process of IVF involves the following steps. First, a woman takes hormones to cause "superovulation'' .which triggers her body to produce many eggs at one time. Once mature, the eggs are collected from the woman, using a probe inserted into the vagina and guided by ultrasound. The collected eggs are placed in a dish for fertilization with a man's sperm. The fertilized cells are then placed in an incubator, a machine that keeps them warm and allows them to develop into embryos. After 3 to 5 days, the embryos are transferred to the woman's uterus. It takes about 2 weeks to know if the process is successful. Even though the use of hormones in IVF is successful in treating infertility related to endometriosis, other forms of hormone therapy are not as successful. In addition, the hormones used during IVF do not cure the endometriosis lesions. It means that pain may recur after pregnancy and that not all women with endometriosis are able to become pregnant with IVF. Researchers are still looking for hormone treatments for infertility due to endometriosis. There are so many things we still don't know. and the world of infertility treatments is so complicated. But, fortunately, we've got some of these beautiful options nowadays like IUI, IVF (OE&DE), ICSI, surrogacy, mitochondria donation etc. We're lucky, surely. smile
Hey, honey. How are you? I hope you're alright. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. It must have been awful. That is a tough one to take. Don't worry, though. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. Don't give up, so easily. There are lots of other options, too! My prayers are with you. Good luck to you. Sending lots of baby dust, your way. Keep us posted on how it goes. Do get it checked, as well. It's crucial to get a professional opinion on it!
Every couple has right to choose..I'm not against adoption. But I'm among those who tried everything allowing to experience pregnancy myself. I'm ripe age. Faced multiple miscarriages and one ectopic which led me to further complications. Adding POF and low amh we did try 2 ivf cycles to conceive. But they failed. We applied for donor egg with biotex. I hoped we could still use my own egg, but was told it was not going to work. So we used donor egg..Our baby is genetically related to my husband and I'm happy about that. See, this is what we accept. I would love to have my genetically related kids, but I can't. I feel like I don't have right to force my dh abandon this as well. I'm sorry if you're struggling hard to get there. These are the things thousands face..?
Hi all! Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best on your journeys, wherever they end up.
One of the biggest issues I have found with IVF failure is that couples or individuals don't really understand the contributing factors towards IVF failure until after many failed cycles.
I'm talking about sperm factors, NK cells, and autoimmune issues.
Unfortunately many IVF doctors don't feel you need to know all the risks and factors at play, many are just happy to take your money.
If you want to find out more about why IVF rounds fail, check out this blog post here.
My advice to you would be that don't give up. IVF does not guarantee success. It's supposed to assist in the conceiving procedure. You can always mix up and try different things. I would suggest consulting an expert. Visit a fertility clinic, explain the situation, discuss with the medical history. It should get better! Good luck to you!
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