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3 failed ivf, next step?? Lock Rss

Sheenie123 wrote:
Hi all! Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best on your journeys, wherever they end up.
One of the biggest issues I have found with IVF failure is that couples or individuals don't really understand the contributing factors towards IVF failure until after many failed cycles.
I'm talking about sperm factors, NK cells, and autoimmune issues.
Unfortunately many IVF doctors don't feel you need to know all the risks and factors at play, many are just happy to take your money.
If you want to find out more about why IVF rounds fail, check out this blog post here.

Well, if one is notsatisfied about using this or that repro clinic, one can turn to another place and get the second opinion. We did so too. After unsuccessful tries home we flew abroad. So on the date dh and I underwent the required tests. These were blood tests for both, pap smear and sperm count. Dr studied our medical records. She performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances. She made the decision that the program could be performed and authorized. We signed the agreements and made the first payment. Then dr explained us the treatment plan. She gave us the meds needed for the subsequent protocol (Their cost is covered by the package price) and soon we were free. On the whole it didn't take us long. They completed donor matching in 3 weeks. Then syncronized us. Our dr felt extremelly great about placing back 2 superb embies, which we did. One vanished unfortunately. Another one made it home resulting further in our DS.
Emmajoe303 wrote:
HI there, if you are not satisfied from the IVF then there are two options for you. The first option is that you have to go for a proper clinic like Ukraine BioTexCom , where you will successfully have the baby, because this could be a normal library results issue. Second option is that you have to go for surrogacy process. I am sure that is the naturally process will make you a mother. Then you will have a baby and will be happy smile Best wishes with you.!

I should say that the surrogacy program at BTC covers all the bases and works in the IP' favor. Unlike other European clinics, the surrogacy program cost there is significantly lower and service is better than in the high-level medical centers. Depending on diagnosis, doctor can recommend surrogacy program with donor or own eggs. Patients pay for the program on a phased basis: Before the pickup / puncture procedure. When surrogate mother reaches 12th week of pregnancy. When delivery starts. During the final stage of the program, when biological parents receive all necessary documents and leave the clinic with the newborn.
Signing the contract, you receive a complete package of services. You live in the clinic’s homes, hotels which are regularly visited by pediatrician who specializes in the newborn children. Doctor monitors condition of the newborn’s health, advises parents on all issues they are interested in. In the case of premature birth, they cover all the expenses concerning necessary medications, procedures, and child’s stay in the hospital if it is needed. During the whole period of the program manager and interpreter accompanies you. This helps much as you never know what details will arise. Considering Ukraine for surrogacy is beneficial in many aspects. One should just get well informed before making a final choice.
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