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iui 45+?? Rss

I think you should go for surrogacy. I am a visitor to that clinic in Ukraine. In fact. I am going to have my surrogacy done at that clinic next month. I have selected that clinic after three years of research. My story is a little different from you. I am facing double infertility. Means I and my husband both are infertile. It’s a very real case. I joined a group of double infertility facing people. I was totally disappointed. When a member told me about surrogacy in Ukraine. I had my first visit last week. That was just awesome. I am completely satisfied with the services, experience of doctors, staff and overall facilities. The Ukranian government also supports this procedure. So, this procedure is totally legal there. You will not face any hindrance. Being foreigner, accommodation, transportation and food is totally free there. I will strongly recommend that clinic to you.
Hi Zozo! Hope you are doing great. I am sorry for your situation. My advice to you is to try surrogacy instead of IVF. Like you I am also in my 40s and I have been through 2 failed IVF cycles. Although most people say that IVF has a very high chance of success but unfortunately it was not for me and I had to bear that pain for no reason. I opted for surrogacy afterwords and It worked. I would recommend you to go for it to. If you are considering trying international clinic than I recommend you look up Ukraine. Ukraine is home to some of the best fertility clinics and they are the best at what they do. I also went to Ukraine for my fertility treatments and have nothing but good things to say about the place. I wish you the best of luck.
There is no harm in trying out IUI. It will be insured anyhow. I think it might work for you. If you work some more on your body. You can make yourself healthier. I am sure then your chances will boost up. Try having a healthy diet. Make some lifestyle changes. Also, consult a fertility specialist. They can give you proper success numbers.
Hi. How are you doing? I hope things are good at your end. To me, IUI is risky. You never know if it gets successful or not. The age matters a lot. IVF is a complicated process. Ans, again risky too. With the increasing age the chances of such assisted methods decreases. I know, it must be hard to listen to this. But, this is the bitter reality. Why don't you think about surrogacy? It has got a higher success rate than these methods. Plus, you don't have to carry the baby yourself. Yet, it will be biologically yours. Give it a try, maybe. All the very best!
Well, I feel sad for you. I know this is hard. With this age, IVF seems risky to me. One of my cousin sisters was in the same boat as you. She decided for IVF. Her three cycles failed. She was hopeless. She then looked for help on different forums. Everybody was of the view that she should go for surrogacy. I think you should go for it too. It serves a magic to people like you and me. It is a source of happiness. Check different clinics in Ukraine. They have got some good facilities. I hope this would be of any help. I hope things go smoothly for you. Sending baby dust!
Hope so you are doing great. Don't take the stress. All will be fine. I think so you should go with IVF. It is a process where children would be genetically linked with you. It is no different than naturally getting pregnant. You will be experiencing the whole pregnancy stage. But still, it's your decision. In Europe, there are best clinics. The treatment is not costly there. Surrogacy is also a good option. Try having a healthy diet. Make some lifestyle changes. Also, consult a fertility specialist. They can give you proper success numbers. All the best for your future. My best wishes are with you. Think positive.
Hey there. Hope you are doing great. I am not an expert but I will recommend you to go for surrogacy. In IVF there is only 40 percent success rate. But surrogacy has a good success rate. You can go for it. I wish you luck. Hope you will have a good decision. Good fortune.
Maternal age plays a vital role in the fertility. The same fact can be important in determining the success rate of the infertility treatment procedures. IUI is an alternative process to cure the infertility. It is very important to consider all aspects before opting for any of the procedures. The most successful IUI procedures are reported in the most fertile age groups. This is between the ages less than 25 and 35. Usually the getting parenthood problem begins when a woman reaches the age of 35. After this age not only the fertility decreases but also the chances of the successful IUI start diminishing. The chances diminish further when the women reach the age of 40. There is a sharp decline in the success rate at this age. Till the age of 25 even if first cycle fails the IP can think of going for the second one. Usually after two cycles success can be expected. On the other hand beyond 35 sometimes three or four cycles won't work either. I hope that your plans are fulfilled. Keep sharing your experiences.
I'm sorry to read about your miscarriage. Honestly, I'm amazed to read that you were pregnant at the age of 44/45. This is actually pretty amazing. You must be a woman who is physically and mentally fit. I don't want to discourage you, but it seems difficult that IUI would work. I'd say to give it a try if you didn't mention about money and the fact that you're already 46. I'm afraid that menopause would be reached anytime from now. Also, the quality of your eggs is declining. Why don't you consider a surrogacy process? At least there's a chance that you can have a biological baby with using your own eggs. You should immediately see a fertility expert at a good clinic. They can tell you better what option to go for. Surrogacy is the most convenient method nowadays and is trending because of infertility. Reseach about it and satisfy yourself. I hope you get a baby soon. All the best!
hey there! I hope you are doing great. IVF and IUI are great procedures. you can go for them. IVF is a little painful. and keeping your age in mind there can be complications that you should be aware of. I was infertile for 5 years. until I found about IVF. I had a car accident when I lost a baby. it was a painful time. I was depressed and spent all the time thinking about my baby. but then I went for IVF. it was a good thing. I am really happy that I went for it.
Well, all your story just makes me feel iui is not your option. Firstly it's recommended to those in the case of sperm issues. And here everything points to the egg issues mainly. I know the dr is your best adviser here, but make sure you've self educated well before rushing into any option you might think iss suitable for you. We've been twice through donor egg cycles at bio texcom, ukraine. Both journeys ended successfully. We have our sweet DD through 2 shots ivf. Then we came back to the same place to struggle for th esibling for her. I'm currently prego with baby#2. The thing which amazed us was that the clinic offered all inclusive guaranteed packages. Meaning you sign up for 5 rounds. You get all meds needed, donor eggs for no additional fee and the set of other useful services, like legal support or interpreter services. In case you fail to get prego after those 5 shots, they refund money back. All this is only about women who can choose. Use their own egg or donor egg, but the maority of patients who use donor eggs don’t have another choice. They have indications for unconditional donation, such as lack of ovarian,  "lazy ovaries" syndrome, surgery, chemotherapy, genetic hereditary diseases or menopause. Egg donors are healthy and young and it’s more important than you can think. For example, even if woman at 45 can have perfect 8-10 follicles with eggs she has very low chances. Some research I read once analyzed more than 600 cycles of pregnancy. According to the results at the age of 42 chances to have a healthy child using own egg is 34% while by using donor egg – 98%! So I'm sure you're on the right path. Research more and feel free to ask. All my positive thoughts going your way.
lily12 wrote:
Hey there. Hope you are doing great. I am not an expert but I will recommend you to go for surrogacy. In IVF there is only 40 percent success rate. But surrogacy has a good success rate. You can go for it. I wish you luck. Hope you will have a good decision. Good fortune.

Some more interesting statistics on the frequency of conception and successful pregnancy:
Probability of success using donor egg – 65% (it slightly change with recipient age).
If you are from 29 to 59 your probability of successful conception, bear and give a birth is 55-65%.
Using your own egg reduces the this probability on 5% every year;
By the age of 42 your chances to get pregnant and bear your child with your own egg is about 7%.
Surrogate program in every country affected by the local law and different factors, this is why we can see differen cost conditions and waiting time. For a start, let’s divide countries into those where the law governs all aspects surrogacy, and those where it is partially legalized. Countries where surrogate motherhood is fully legal: USA, Ukraine, India, Mexico. One of common reasons why people don’t choose America for surrogate program plus cost is the highest in the world – around $150k!! All costs have to be paid by parents (cesarean section, the cost of treatment rehabilitation, accommodation and food for surrogate mother). Because of all these reasons only celebrities and people with high income can use surrogate program in USA. Surrogate mothers in Russia the same like in America have rights for the baby but only till she sigh a renouncement. So very often surrogate mothers going to the court just to get money of the parents. Taking all this into consideration I'd definitely go for surrogacy in ukraine, a surrogacy friendly country where all the sides of the process are safe under law.
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