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need to vent!!! Lock Rss

Hi there, Your DH is right. These days there is too much information regarding infertility on the internet, it can make you scared. Instead of looking on the internet, you should visit a proper doctor. He will guide you through your situation. And yes stress is an important factor that can lead to a long period of trying to conceive. so, stay stress-free, do yoga and stay calm.
Hello there, Don't worry we all are here to help you. Your DH is right, tho he should not share your personal life with any other woman but maybe he was just trying to help you. Stress is the main cause of infertility and other conceiving problems. So, please avoid stressing too much. It will happen at the right time. You will become a mother soon. Good luck.
There-there. How are you girl? I will not tell you what to do. Your researching shows your willpower. It shows how much you want what you desire. It shows your will towards having your own children. Don't let anyone dull that spirit. If this helps you solve your issue, you are doing great. But if it is doing nothing but making you more stressed, You need to stop girl. I know it is hard. But let this strength of yours benefit you. Rather than destroy you. Calm down and do something for yourself. Make decisions. make this research come in handy for you. Cheers.
Hi there, I hope you're in good health. Your DH is right. We can get a lot of information over the internet. Even the clinic I went to for IVF, I have got to know about that over the internet. But you don't have to trust everything over here. Just visit the clinic. Their staff will help you out. Stop stressing so much it's one of the causes of infertility. Stay strong.
Hello there. How are you? I am 43 years old. Declared infertile. Now i am opting for surrogacy. I wasn't reading this forum, I was trying to find info. It was driving me crazy I think. But we are all different! If no googling makes you feel bad, then google. Just make sure you’re not turning it into an obsession. People that don't have problems having children usually don't seem to understand. I have seen stressed out people have child after child. You should not depend on these people for advice. Listen to yourself. They have no right to judge you. Take care. Don't lose hope.
Hi there. I can feel your frustration. Sometimes I do feel I am the only one with this long and harsh history of ttc. Everyone around me has a horde of babies and doing great. But then these forums give me a new perspective. So yeah you may not want to quit it because otherwise its so depressing. I shut off my googling for a few days and nearly got scammed by this Lotus clinic somewhere in Ukraine. Then i got back online and read all these negative comments about them and decided to continue my online research. It does more good then harm
It is such a great loss for you. I know it is very difficult to face this situation. I do not know how to console you. I have a sensitive heart I am feeling very bad about it. I know you are very strong women who are fighting with these things. And I know very well to fight with them is not easy. But sister you have to face it bravely. Otherwise, it will destroy mentally. Good luck to you.
I am so sorry about your condition. It is so sad dear. I know it is such a hard situation you are facing. But I will suggest to you. Do not feel worried. It will more badly affect you. It will not good for you. You have to stay brave and positive. So you will think better about your condition. Wish you good luck.
Hey there. I hope you are doing fine now. I can understand what you might be feeling. It sucks to go through stuff like this. Specially going somewhere and looking at people getting pregnant and having children. But the best part is that, you cannot let that have an affect on you. Just let things go. Keep on TTC. If that does not work out then consult your doctor. There is a clinic in Ukraine. And they deal specifically in finding solutions for infertile couples. Through the procedures of surrogacy, and IVF,. You should contact the,m. I am sure you will be satisfied with your findings. Best of luck and keep being strong. Don't let anyone's words affect you.
I just hope you are doing well. I can understand your torment. This is very heart-breaking. It really hurts when you see your friends getting pregnant and having babies. However, it's appreciable that you have not taken it on the heart. Instead, you kept on trying again and again. TTC for such a long time is really hurting. If it doesn't make your dream come true, you can go for surrogacy. Success rates in surrogacy are very high. Clinics in Europe are offering surrogacy treatment at affordable prices. You can go there and make your dream come true. I have read many success stories relating to surrogacy. You can also get guidance from there. Keep on visiting here. All the best!
I've had a very long fertility journey. I had my first miscarriage way back in 1993. Then unable to get pregnant again until 2006. I wasn't too bothered at the time because I was still so young. Then in 2006, I had another miscarriage and again in 2007. Finally, in 2008, I gave birth to a son at 34 weeks. Then another miscarriage again in 2009. After that, I once again couldn't fall pregnant. Rounds of Clomid and failed IUIs and failed IVF. I was told after my last failed IVF that even with IVF I only had a very low chance of getting pregnant and it was suggested that we use a donor egg. Well, while waiting for the donor to do her cycle I fell pregnant naturally. I gave birth to my daughter in 2014. Another miscarriage this last October and now I'm 15 weeks pregnant again, totally unplanned and unexpected.
TTC is very hard to time for women . You should stop yourself if its hard for you. You should go for surrogacy. Its best treatment for you in this situation. I won't suggest you IVF because its success rate is very low. So it will be waste of time and money. You should go for surrogacy. There is a good clinic in Eastern Europe. They are the best. Don't waste your time. Go for it. It will be the best option for you.M y cousin had her surrogacy treatment from them. She had a daughter through it. I wish you a good luck. My best wishes are with you
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