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Hope I'm pregnant Lock Rss

Hello there, I can understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a pregnancy test. But I hope it turns out positive for you. It just depends on your condition. You should take the proper test. You’ll surely be happy. Just take a good care of yourself. I hope you are happy. Don't lose hope. stay strong. Much love and prayers.
Hi there, Christine! I know how anxiously you're waiting to get pregnant. Dear, I just want to say that have patience. Stressing over it can have an effect on your results. I wish you are pregnant and you have a wonderful pregnancy. Also, you're lucky that you can give birth naturally. All the very best, love! Keep updating us.
I know you have right to be frustrated but be calm too. You are stressing too much. I am saying this cause when I was in your position I stressed out too much and it led me to a miscarriage. It just depends on your condition. So you have to take care of your self. Don't lose hope. stay strong. Wishing you all the happiness. Much love and prayers.
Hello there. How are you? I can understand your excitement. But if it is doing nothing but making you more stressed, you need to relax. I know it is hard. But let this strength of yours benefit you. Rather than destroy you. Calm down and do something for yourself. Make decisions. make this research come in handy for you. I hope you are pregnant. I hope you become the mother of another beautiful child. Take care. Lots of love.
Hey, don't worry everything will get better. Just take care of your diet and body. Exercise and do yoga so your body gets stronger and stays active. If your body is in good shape, it will increase the chances of conceiving. I hope the reports have nothing bad in them. stay positive. Best wishes.
Hey Christina. Hope you are doing good. You seem really impatient. I know how big this is for you. I am really hoping to hear the good news anytime soon. But apart from that, you need to calm yourself down. Relax a bit. You are going to get it. This overthinking is not good for you. Don't start stressing out yet. So much pressure on your brain could affect you badly. Take care of yourself. And we shall see you in the next post all happy. Stay strong. Cheers.
I am so happy for you. That is amazing. You must be a beautiful family. Hope to hear more from your side. My best wishes are with you. Do keep us updated. Lots of prayers.
I hope that you're doing good. I'm really sorry about your situation. Having a family is the most important thing today. It's the ultimate goal of every couple. Children are in fact a blessing. One must do every possible thing to have a family. You must be really very strong that you're going through this. You've come to the right platform to gather info. You'll get to hear a lot of success stories here. But you have to wait for the positive pregnancy test. I hope that things get better for you. Take care of yourself. Much love.
I can feel the pain of being infertile. This is a never-ending struggle. and as the day passes by this makes even tougher to cope with. I have been TTC for years. I know how you would be feeling now. So sorry for your pain. There is nothing wrong with opting assisted reproductive technologies when you feel nothing is going to work for you. These procedures often cost high. I would suggest you look for places where conditions suit you better or are in your favor. Some fertility clinics also seem to provide very reasonable packages. You should look at all those too. Don't fall for clinics that are scammers. Be aware of Lotus and Adonis. Just keep an eye on clinics website. Do a good search and there you go. Good luck.
It is such a frustrating situation. I am sorry for that. I know it is a nightmare for you. But dear sister. You have to keep thinking positive. Do not be disappoint. If you will keep your self-strong. It will make you positive. Just get rid of all kind of frustrated thoughts. Wish you very very good luck. Stay blessed.
You have to take the test. It will help you to be blessed. It is not so much irritating. As you are feeling and thinking about it very sensitively. I will pray for you. You have to go for the test. It will give you a positive result. So just think good about the future. All will be well soon. Wish you a very happy life.
Hello there, I can understand how frustration. it is btw a good time. this child may bring happiness to your home as well. hope that your test is positive. It just depends on your condition. You should take the proper test. You’ll surely be happy. Just take a good care of yourself. I hope you are happy. Don't lose hope. stay strong. Much love and prayers.
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