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  5. how do u stay positive during ttc?

how do u stay positive during ttc? Lock Rss

Hello there, How are you? I can understand your frustration. Loneliness is a very bad thing to face. You did right to come to this forum. You will feel the courage to see many others post here. I will pray for you a lot. But I will advise you to avoid to go to the Lotus clinic. It is not a good clinic. They are creating very badly for the people. They are not really concerned. They just want their profit. So that will not be good for you. Wish you very good luck. Stay happy and blessed.
"TTC is no doubt have ever been the worst condition anyone could be in. The TTC says that I have lived are just unforgettable. Each time when you ended up on the negatives. Or MC. All such makes the life more difficult. And more then worst would be if you would be stuck with the ones that treated you bad or have the bad services.
Simply you have to keep up with all the odds and get going. You could never feel the defeat no matter how much days you have been going through. "
I am good. i hope you are also doing great. I welcome you on behalf of this community. On this forum we all are like a family. We help each other using our past experiences. Be positive. Having a positive approach is very important in life. This lessens our worries. I hope everything goes as you planned. Never to lose hope. Good will come to you. There are some clinics who are not their job well. Adonis is one of them. Beware of them. They are just looting people. Best of luck.
I was meant to experience this very feeling over 2 yrs!! TTC is draining! I can feel every nerve you've mentioned above. I've never imagined myself going through this, surely. I thought I could have kids any time I wanted and there was no need to hurry. Seemed cared much more about my job and buying a new house than about those who was going to live there..All people around seemed to fall prego with a cough, but not me! This jealousy was killing me. I wanted to be in the center of the family gatherings or babyshowers. I wanted to discuss the prego symptoms everyone was but me was talking about. I wanted to be tired and feel bloated and have those sore boobs ladies always complain of when they're prego. I wanted to experience all those things myself! And how devastated I felt when I failed again and again month by month..I know, hun, how it feels to hope for bfp and get dreadful AF instead..This is madly tough..We've already been through 2 failed oe ivf cycles. Have switched the clinics and currently are going for egg donation.
Feel better, hun. I'm here if you want some steam off.
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