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Do I transfer 1 blast or 2 ?? Lock Rss

Hello. Hope you are doing well. I would suggest you go with two. The chances of twins are significant but they are still really less. Going with two developed blasts would give you more chances of this working the first time. But you don't have to do this. You should take your time and think about what you want to do. If you have a chosen a clinic where second or third cycles can be afforded, then there is no harm in going with one blast at a time. People usually do this where there is a shortage. I know of a place where IVF is really affordable. So people don't really hesitate before going for another cycle. You can consider this for yourself too. Give both scenarios a good thought. I'm sure you will make a wise decision here. Good luck.
Hey there Lains! I hope you are doing well. Congratulations! I m so glad that everything worked out for you. You are so lucky. Take good care of yourself hon! It's important that you stay active and strong at this time. Stay blessed!
Hi! You should go for 2 blasts. The chances of your success will be more then. Just stay strong and patient. Everything will work out if you are strong enough. Good luck.
I would suggest that you opt for 2 blasts. This is mainly because it will increase the chances of success. Yes, there might be the chances of having twins. However, I think that is better than not having any employee work. Good luck to you! Stay positive and strong. I hope this works for you. Just stay calm.
Congratulations to you! I am glad things worked for you. It is honestly amazing how procedures like IVF are helping so many people out. Yes, you're right it all depends on age. If you have ample time it's fine if only one embryo developed. Just make sure you are taking extreme care of yourself. Do keep us updated. I am very excited for you.
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