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Infertility - Gonadotraphin Injections Lock Rss

I have had 6 failed cycles of clomid and now my fertility specialist has referred me to the royal womens hospital fertility specialist to start these injections. My appt is on 31st Aug, so I am after any stories of success also how the process goes and monitoring.etc and costs.etc

Very much appreciated Thanks
Extremely sorry to hear about your failed cycles. I am also on this journey of infertility. It can be very hard to go through it. However, I myself have opted for a clinic abroad. They were so good at communicating everything to us. The doctors are very professional as well. I am really happy with how things are going. I can't wait for the process to be a success for us. Every individual in the clinic is trying their best to make sure about this. The surrogate mother is also a wonderful person. She always tells us how she is trying to help us out. I think being around positivity is really important. Sending baby dust your way. Good luck to you. Do keep us updated.
Hi Monika I am in the middle of my 3rd ovulation induction cycle with Gonal - f injections.
I'm really hoping this is our cycle (if it is it will be due around my birthday/mothers day).
The injection pen is easy it's only the trigger and pregnyl that hurt like a B**** lol

Are you trying to do surrogacy?
Good baby vibes coming your way
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