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Overdue period but negative tests - help please Lock Rss

So we have been TTC for just over a year now, though not doing opks or anything, just BDing and if it happens it happens.
I am now 5 days late, my breasts have been sore and getting worse for about a week now, ive been peeing like anything, CM has been way more than usual, and my cervix has stayed wet, and it is staying high to medium. I have had cramps here and there, and a tickling like feeling in my uterus, constipated (which is unusual for me as I have IBD).
Have taken 2 HPT and both negative - 1 Monday morning and 2nd tonight, however the 2nd one wasn't FMU.
I WAS on 10mg of motilium once a day until just over 14 days ago, so there is a chance I guess that it has interfered with my cycle.

I do feel sick though, however, I do sometimes feel sick anyway because of my GI issues.

Is there still hope?
Yes, Jenifer, there is still a hope. Just stay positive and strong. I am sure things will get better. These signs can be a possible sign of pregnancy as well. Just make sure to stay positive. Yes, sometimes these can be psychological signs as well. I would suggest that you visit a doctor and ask him for help.
hi JenniferT01 may i know what your health condition is now?
starjack io
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