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Hi everyone.
Just wondering about 2nd pregnancies. My partner and i are wanting to try for our second, however we’re getting married in November. I’ve worked out that if we are to conceive soon I’ll rouhly be 9 weeks.
My question is, because it will be my second baby will I show much sooner? I’m a very small frame (5’3, 50kg) with my first baby I didn’t show until 28 weeks. I know everyone’s experiences are different.
(: (:
Hi Dani I am also small frame and I didn’t start showing till at least 16 weeks and only a small bump hope this helps it can take a while ttc so get busy lol Xx
Congratulations on your wedding. I don't think that will be the case. I hope you're soon able to conceive. Just prepare yourself. Eat more healthily and drink lots of water. Make sure you are exercising and doing yoga. Good luck to you. Do keep us updated.
Hey. How are you doing? Congratulations on getting married. You will show as much as you did the last time. So if you think this is not a good idea, then maybe you can wait till November to start TTC again. I hope you conceive your second baby soon. Showing more or less is really not a problem. It also varies sometimes. Depends on the growth of your baby and its weight. You are thinking too much right now. Relax. Start TTC when you are ready. Keep us updated on your journey. Sending love and prayers your way. Good luck.
Hey ladies,
Thanks for your comments. My now husband and I are actually 23weeks pregnant grin
On our wedding day I was 11weeks & I didn’t actually show earlier. Only in the past 2 weeks my bump has become noticeable.
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