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feeling so selfish Lock Rss

Hey, no you're not being selfish at all! Infertility jealousy is a psychological thing and you cannot ignore that. I myself often go through it! It is something that is really not in our hands. I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve, almost 4 years ago. Since then all my sisters have got pregnant and some have more than one children. One part of me is really happy for them but the other part of me consistently reminds me that I have none. However, now since I have started visiting doctors that are reassuring me that I can be a mother and in fact, I will soon be one I feel a lot better. I opted for a process months back as well. It is still ongoing, infertility procedures are lengthy so you have to be calm. However, I have kept myself busy in the process which helps me not think about such things. I would suggest that you do the same as well. Good luck to you. Don't lose hope! Just know that you're not alone in this.
C_Lains wrote:
Cathymccartney098 wrote:
Hi. I understand your situation completely. Its normal to feel this way. At this point, you don't have to force yourself to do anything if you don't feel like it. Its just gonna make you feel worse. I really hope you have a child of your own soon. Have you considered getting treatment for this? Good luck.
Hi, I've read some of your posts on other threads. You're about to start surrogacy treatment plan. Just wanted to ask for some updates. I hope you could answer some of my questions. If you don't mind of course. Am still self educating and looking for some more experiences. So what country are you planning to undergo treatments in? What's the process cost? Is the surrogacy law supportive for the IP in the country chosen? What are the waiting time frames? Are you using OE or DE? Hope, these don't bother. All the best of luck ahead with your plan.

Hello! Hope you're well. Yes, actually the procedure has started. I just recently had my initial consultation done. It went really well actually. The doctor said everything looks great so far. We will be starting with egg retrieval. Unfortunately, we don't have any frozen embryos. We can only use the new ones. And of course, your questions don't bother me. I'm glad you asked them. I hope I can help you out with my experience. I'm getting this done abroad. Surrogacy was really expensive back where I live. And I can't afford it there. This place is so affordable. And their services are up to the mark too. I'm completely satisfied with them.
Hi. I hope you are feeling better now. Please don't think you are being selfish here. You are clearly struggling. And it is really okay to feel this way sometimes. I'm glad you shared it here with us. Hope it made you feel better. I hope your problems go away soon. Don't worry.
Hi. I understand what you are going through. It's normal to feel this way. It is your choice now. What do you want to do next? Staying like this is not a solution. It's just gonna make you feel worse. I really hope you have a child of your own soon. Have you considered getting treatment for this? Do think about it.
I myself am in the same boat as yours. I can completely understand how difficult everything can get. However, dont be so hard on yourself I am sure things will get better. The journey is not easy but you have to really have faith in yourself. I hope things go smoothly for you! Just make sure to visit the right doctor for the process. The more experienced the specialist the better it will be for you. Sending baby dust your way.
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