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ET- what to expect?? Lock Rss

Hey there! Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. But no one gets to know about this if they don't experience it. I was unaware of these things but, when I found out about my infertility I did a lot of research and then came across a good clinic which pointed me in the right direction. Clinics are the most important thing in this journey. I m glad I found the right place for myself. Stay Blessed!
Hi! I m also going for IVF with DE. I m just in the starting days of my treatment. This clinic also a guarantee program like you mentioned. I just hope it works out for me now. Good Luck to you too.
This is some extremely informative news. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. When I found out that I had DOE I honestly had no idea what to do. I had to search soo much to gain information on this. However, now with the improvement in the technology things have drastically improved. I hope my process goes well. Its really all about the clinic you decide to visit. Good luck to all.
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