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Surrogate's epigenetics influences the baby?? Rss

Have always wanted this to be discussed. Have you, all awesome ladies here, heard about the influence of surrogate mother's epigenetics?? I've recently read quite an intriguing info on this. It's said, first of all, it should be clear that when we talk about “epigenetics”, we refer to information that is not encoded in the DNA sequence of a human being. Epigenetic information is transmitted through cell division. Therefore, it is directly inherited from the biological mother. On the other hand, it’s been proven that most epigenetic marks from the father’s chromosomes are removed when sperm is created. It is also true that some epigenetic information can be modified. In this sense, there is evidence that the metabolism of the pregnant woman can influence the epigenetics of the unborn child. Diet is one of these factors. Experts also suggest that epigenetic changes may influence certain behavioral patterns of the baby-to-be!! So they say it's possible to some extent for the surrogate to influence the epigenetic information of the child. What do you, lovelies, think??
You have provided with some really interesting information. I haven't researched a lot about surrogacy in itself. I only know about certain things and that is through the internet and from my friend's experience with it. She tells me that for surrogacy the clinic matters a lot. Mainly because it's not legal everywhere. Also, because not everyone can carry it out well. Secondly, she told me that surrogate mothers are amazing human beings and need to be respected. So I believe these are the few things that need to be given importance to.
Yep, quite an interesting thing to know, eh. I'd absolutely agree opting for surrogacy might become a huge challenge for infertile couples if not undergone in the right place. Meaning the country/clinic. Surrogacy in the US for example, may cause a lot of complications. 'Cause in some states the surrogate has all rights for the baby born and if she changes her mind she can keep the baby and leave you childless. Nowadays a lot of couples move to Ukraine for surrogacy. And there are lots of reasons for this. Firstly, 'cause of its surrogacy friendly law. It favours the IP more than the surrogate. Secondly, 'cause of more affordable prices. BUT IP parents must provide a doctor’s statement that surrogacy is a necessary option for one of the following medical reasons: 1. Absence of uterus. 2. Deformation of cavity of uterus or cervix of the uterus (either congenital or due to surgical interference or non-malignant neoplasm that makes pregnancy impossible). 3. Structural-morphological or anatomical changes of endometrium that causes loss of receptivity, synechia of cavity of uterus that are not treatable/correctable. 4. Grave somatic diseases that do not have influence on health of a future child but make pregnancy jeopardize health or life of a patient. 5. At least 4 or more failed IVF attempts that involved good quality embryos that have been conceived as result of multiple IVF attempts. In addition to these medical requirements, IPs must be legally married and have a notarized copies of their passports and a marriage certificate with an apostille stamp.
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