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So confused, Very light 2 1/2 day period BFN Rss

I am so confused, I have had all these pregnancy symptoms like extremely sore boob and going to the toilet every 5 mins I thought for sure I was pregnant. but then my period started so I felt deflated. I usually start with very light only there when I wipe and then the next day I have full on heavy period that makes me go through a packet of pads a day and extremely bad cramps. But day 2 came and it was still only there when I wiped no cramping. today is day 3 and it has completely stopped now I took a pregnancy test but still BFN I am really confused. anyone have this happen to them before? and where you pregnant or not
Bump. anyone have a idea?
Hello there, have you consulted an obstetrician on the matter??
you might be going through some hormonal changes in your
body that you can only learn more about through more tests. |
Hiya, i would def go and see a doc. When i feel pregnant with no. 3. I thought i was getting my period, similar thing to you only blood when i wiped. Happened for @5 days then stopped. Took test and came back positive. Went to doc n had a scan and was pregnant. Spotting can happen in pregnancy. I'm 11wks now and bubs is all gd. Hope everything is ok.
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