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Monikadavid399 wrote:
I am so happy that things went for you. This reminds me of my own first visit with them. Before visiting them both husband and I were confused if we wanted to travel abroad for the process. The clinic then one day informed us that they had invited us for the first free meeting. We thought this meeting would give us an opportunity to really understand and look around the clinic. When we first landed I remember the driver standing there waiting for us. That was so nice of them! the driver then took us to the place where we were living. It was all so nice and clean. After all of this, we were taken to the clinic. At first, I was nervous, however, when I entered I was so impressed to see so many other people over there. I also met a lot of people from my own hometown. The clinic then also did a medical examination which was for free as well. Overall I would never forget my first experience with them. It was really amazing.

I'm glad you've got only best experience with your clinic. Anyway, every fertility journey is never easy. We used donor eggs with ivf overseas. A little background: me than 38 yo with blocked tubes and low amh. dh is ok. We were successful with the 1st try de ivf, but never got expected results with oe. I don't know how the process is going on for donors at your area, but at our clinic they had some special requirements. Donors are to be 18-25yrs old. With proven fertility, meaning they have at least 1 kid on their own. Perfect physical and mental health. No genetic diseases in donors and their families. They undergo loads of testing before coming into programs. Again, I don't know the peculiarities of the procedure at your clinics. Just saying this rewarding intention might be not easy. I'm thankful to women like you giving healthy eggs for others. This way we got our adorable DS. Wishing you the best!
What a brave decision! It's good to see that you are not holding back. This is the right way to go about it. People are afraid to even consider surrogacy.
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What a brave decision! It's good to see that you are not holding back. This is the right way to go about it. People are afraid to even consider surrogacy. I personally believe it's a beautiful procedure. It shows the lengths humans can go to help each other. Surrogates are amazing women! I want to wish you the best of luck on this journey. Hopefully, this experience is just as nice as the first one. Here's to hoping the results are similar too! You can do this! Keep us posted, if you can, on how it goes. I'm also considering opting for assisted conception, soon. This could give me the push I need! My prayers are with you.
Hello, Cathy. How are you doing these days? It's great to hear from you once again. Congratulations on the first one going so well! How is the baby? He must be so cute. I'm really happy to see that the doctors have cleared things for the second attempt! I hope this one goes just as well! Your family will be complete. It will be great to see. Sending you lots of love and support. Keep updating us on how it goes. I would love to follow your journey. Good luck with it. I hope everything runs along perfectly!
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