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36 and ttc for over 1 year Lock Rss

Hey everyone I am in need of some help please!! I am turning 37 in May and my husband and I have been trying to conceive our 2nd child since Jan last year without any success. This time 5 years ago we were lucky to get pregnant with our beautiful daughter which also took just over a year to my question I continue on this path for another 6 months at my age or do I seek help immediately?? I have irregular period cycles each month ranging from 29-35 days so im finding it difficult to work out exactly when im ovulating so its all guess work at the moment for us. We would love to give our daughter a sibling and I feel that each and every month without success is also a month of getting older too. I do not have any health issues so have just been thinking that it will happen eventually like with our first but now im starting to really wonder if 5 years down the track this is much harder to do?? any ideas/help/suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks smile

5 years are enough gap. You make plan for next baby. Best of luck
AMH (egg count) tests aren’t always accurate. My AMH when first tested was 5.7 and a year later 11.4. This is impossible as we are born with all the eggs we’ll ever have and it only decreases not increases.
My fertility specialist had no explanation for it.
Anyhow, If your body is doing all the right things (have you had bloods through your GP to check yr hormone levels and that you are actually ovulating?) , then definitely would give advice of seeing a specialist ASAP. There is lots of waiting involved throughout the process so I wouldn’t delay.
Hey there. I hope that you're doing fine. Secondary infertility is known as the problem you're facing, mate. I'm sorry to read about it. I believe that it is worse than infertility. As you've already had a baby naturally, you won't imagine having problems getting pregnant in the later years. You're turning 37, not 40; I'd advise you to not panic. It is said that after the age of 40, the quality of your eggs starts to decrease. So you do have some years left. It is great that you don't have any health issues. You should keep on TTC for some more time. If no luck, then consult an OB. You may have to get tests done. Everything will be just fine, don't worry. Lots of love and prayers for you!
I would suggest that you visit a good RE doctor. Ask them to conduct all the tests. At times there is even a difference in the reports. It is, therefore, so important to visit a good doctor. Mainly because he would be able to give the most honest advice. Good luck to you. I hope things get better for you. Sending baby dust your way.
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