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LEEP Procedure and TTC Rss

Hubby and I were about to start trying for baby number 2 before I found out I need to have the LEEP procedure.
Can anyone share their experiences with falling pregnant after the procedure? Did it cause any complications for TTC or during pregnancy? How long did you have to wait to TTC?
TIA ????
Hi, sweety. I'm sorry to know you'll need this to improve your health conditions. I don't have personal experience of doing LEEP. But from what I've read on sites, it's has been shown to be comparable to surgical removal of the abnormal area, laser ablation, and laser conization for the removal of abnormal of the cervix. Studies have shown that a majority of these methods result in a cure. and that the procedure is quite beneficial in the majority of cases. Further treatment is not typically necessary if all of the abnormal area has been removed. Although the abnormal changes may develop again at a later time. (I'm praying this will never happen to you!!) Regular follow-up pap tests are required following LEEP to evaluate for possible recurrence of the cellular abnormalities. They also say that complications occur in about a small percentage of women undergoing LEEP. Those include narrowing of the opening of the cervix. greater than expected amounts of bleeding etc. But again, this is just small percentage!! So I'm afrad I cannot drop the light of things like how long to wait until starting ttc. Or whether it might cause any difficulties while pregnancy. I'm just hoping you'll do it the best way! All the very best to you.
The ways in which a future pregnancy will be affected by a LEEP depend on how much cervical tissue has been removed and whether this particular procedure or any other cervical surgery has been previously performed. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. There are several questions that you should ask your doctor about LEEP if you plan on becoming pregnant. They include:
How do you think a LEEP will affect my pregnancy?
Is a LEEP the only treatment option I have?
How long will it take for my cervix to recover?
When can I begin to have sex again? (The average time to wait before having sex is about four to six weeks. It may be more or less depending on how much cervical tissue needed to be removed.)
How long after a LEEP can I try to get pregnant?
It can sometimes result in a miscarriage of preterm labour. However, a cervical cerclage is a procedure that can be done to sew the cervix during the pregnancy and ensure that it stays closed. But only a small number of women who have had a LEEP will require to have a cervical cerclage. smile
The ways in which a future pregnancy will be affected by a LEEP depend on how much cervical tissue has been removed and whether this particular procedure or any other cervical surgery has been previously performed
Hey, I hope you are well. I am not aware of this, therefore, won't be of much help. Make sure to take a second opinion on this. This is just to make sure you are doing the right thing. Good luck to you. I hope things work out for you. Stay positive and strong. Sending baby dust your way.
I am honestly not really aware of the process. I hope things go well for you. It is good that you are looking at alternatives. I hope it works out for you. After the treatment do update us on the process. Tell us if it was worth or not. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
Hey. hope you are well. I never got this done. So, I have zero experience here. Just here for support. Its good to know you guys have decided to TTC for another baby. I hope you get pregnant soon. This is exciting. Good luck.
I don't have any experience regarding this. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I agree with what Pam said. She's right it can get a little hard. Don't give up, though! You gotta keep going. My prayers are with you. You can do this!
I haven't experienced anything regarding this. However, I have heard about LEEP procedure. It's quite common, actually. Most women have a successful one. So, there's probably nothing to worry about. It would be important to stay in contact with your doctor. Just don't worry too much about it. TTC can be a little frustrating. It's really hard for some of us. I hope you experience better luck. Just be optimistic and keep the faith. It will all work out for you! If you feel like talking about your troubles, don't be afraid to hit me up. I'd love to be of any kind of help. Baby dust and love.
Your questions can be answered by your doctor. I would suggest visiting him. Be open, and ask, hopefully, it won't take much time. It will also help you feel a little light. Best of luck for the procedure. I hope everything goes well. Here's to hoping you're back trying to conceive, as soon as possible! You can do this.
There’s a small risk of scar tissue forming over the cervical opening (called cervical stenosis) after a LEEP. If the cervical passageway is narrowed or closed, this can cause irregular or absent periods or prevent sperm from getting through the cervix into the uterus to fertilize an egg. Cervical stenosis rarely occurs, although it’s more likely to happen if a higher amount of tissue needs to be removed during the procedure, or if you’ve had more than one LEEP.

Immediate recovery takes about two weeks. We recommend that women avoid sex or inserting anything into the vagina for four weeks. The full recovery of the cervix takes about six months. For those who have no evidence of cervical cancer, it's better to wait six months before trying to conceive.

Good luck to you. Sending baby dust.

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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