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Implanon Removal, no period? Rss

Hey everybody.
My husband and I have decided we are ready to try and get pregnant!!
I had my Implanon (nexplanon) removed three weeks ago, still no sign of a period.
My period is late by about a week and though I have been “late” before, I’m usually showing spotting by now on the odd occasion that I’m late.
Pregnancy tests taken and negative.

Had anyone experienced a delay in their period after the implant removal?

From what I have read it can take weeks, if not months for your periods to return to normal after the removal of nexplanon.

But, if it's longer than a couple of months then see your doctor.
Hey dear, congrats on your journey becoming pregnant!

It's common to have a lighter period while using Implanon, and for many women, their periods go away completely. But it is uncommon for a woman to go for two months without a period after her implant is removed. If you are not pregnant and you do not get your period, talk with your health care provider

Take care dear and sending you baby dust!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

I have made a doctors appointment to discuss further, I’m just panicking in the meantime!!
My periods were always regular during the use of the implant, every three weeks and now, nothing as of yet!
i got my implanon out in October of last year and my period is only now sort of settling down. i had it in for 12 years though. but i hoped i would be pregnant by now....

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