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Could I be? When to take a HPT? Rss


I'm a fit and healthy early 20s female, obviously.

I've been feeling "off" the last few days, nausea, tired etc. Last period was 11th of June 2020, I'm three days late. My cycle is regular and last roughly 23 days. Is it too early to take a test? I took one this morning but it came up negative.

Thank you, please be kind, mixed emotions right now. My partner and I are trying!

I am sorry, I don't have enough information regarding this.
Hello, I am also searching for the same information. I hope, I will find it soon. Or can someone reply to me please.
The HPT TCP is a non-benefit association working in the field of warmth siphoning advances. I was reading this information on the google when I was writing some notes on Shakespearean. Then I read a very good information at website. This information made my work very easy and fast.
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