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Safe diet and exersize (workout) whilst trying to concieve? Lock Rss


Ive been a bit down cos after baby 1 i put on weight and i just keep putting it on! Im now trying for baby 2 but i dont want to get bigger! Ive thought about putting off baby 2 till i get my wieght down a bit but because i have to take clomid to get pregnant im worried that if i do stop taking it for a time that when i do want to start taking it again it could be months before i get a period and can start the TTC cycle again (longest ive waited for period in last 5 years has been 9 months-no, i wasnt pregnant!)

So... can anyone advise me on a diet and excerise/workout that i can do whilst trying to concieve that will be safe? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi im no expert but after doing triathlons and training heaps i began to wonder if it was all the exercise that was hindering falling Pregnant. I totally cut back to absolutely nothing and felt myself getting quite down and esp with the disapointment of still not falling. Ive asked my doctor, Gyno and the natural fertility people and they all said - moderate exercise - 30 mins of either walking, swimming cycling (just suggestions there is heaps of other activities you can do), which all have great benefits per day would be just fine. As for diet, i have cut out caffine this month and they say to do the same with sugar if you can - both of these would help towards weight -esp if you are like me and main caffine thing is chocolate!!!!!!!!. I know from a past experience with great sucess from Weight watchers, it is a very sensible diet where you still get heaps of good nutrition but can safely lose weight. I did it for 1 year before my wedding, lost the 8 kilo i needed to and 2 years later have not put 1 kilo back on. Its a tough one though and i haven't been pregnant before.
Okay - won't be much help with exercise side of things (don't do much of that myself at this point), but can back up the previous poster and say the weight watchers is pretty reasonable. I have just started three weeks ago and have lost three kilos so far. I know the leaders who take the meeting are all people who have followed the weight watchers plan, got to the goal weight and stayed there (so you know the people talking at the front are people who know what people in the group are going through). The plan is pretty simple and promotes healthy foods, better choices and adapting it all to your lifestyle (meaning basically if you can change your eating habits to suit your lifestyle, you have more chance of sticking to it for longer).

James' Mum

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