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Billings Lock Rss

Hi my name is Danielle and i have a two year old little girl. I have been trying to have another baby for nine months now and i havn't had any luck. I recently spoke to someone at the hospital and she told me to try the Billings Ovulation method. I was wondering if any one has used it before and if so did you have any luck?
Hi Danielle, good luck with TTC. I have unfortunatley got my AF a week ago, so now waiting to ovulate again, at the end of the month. I havent heard of the Billings method before, could you please tell me what it is? Lots of baby dust, and i hope this is the good month for you. smile
I've just finished reading a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it is similar to the Billings method but uses your temperature as well as CM to determine when you are ov'ing. We had no trouble getting preg, first time but thought I would give this a go this time, more for interests sake than anything. It's also online at You can download the software on trial for 15 days & it explains how it works.
Good luck with whatever system you try.

Heidi, NZ, DD apr 05, DS apr 07

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