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Egg Donation Lock Rss

I just wanted to know if any one has gone through egg donation. I am seriously considering it. I just have a problem with it being anonomous.
I dont want anything to do with the baby,if there is lucky enough to be one, I would just like to get to know the people who I am donating my genetic material to.
I would really like to get a call or email at least to tell me that I helped a couple become pregnant, after that I wouldn't need any more communication.
Does anyone know if this can be done?

WA mom of 4

Hi Sarah,

The only thing i know about it is that you have to have fully completed your own family before they would consider you as a donor.

Hope this helps !

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi Sarah

I'm currently looking for an egg donor so can give you some advice. I don't consider myself an expert but can give you the basics.

Donation via the clinics is generally anonymous. This varies from state to state e.g. in victoria there is a requirement for the donor to list their details on a register so that the child will have the possibility to request identifying information when they turn 18.

You may have seen adverts for ladies seeking egg donors. This is generally done as a known donation and the amount of contact between the donor and recipient is worked out between the two parties. Some ladies like to develop a good friendship, others are happy to simply receive details of the birth and a photo each year etc.

You would generally need to be under the age of 35 and preferably have completed your family. This is because there is a very minor possibility there may be complications which affect your fertility.

The process would generally commence with blood tests to check for genetic conditions and counselling to ensure all parties know all the considerations.

If you are in WA and donating to a woman in WA there is a cooling off period of 6mths to ensure everyone has not rushed in in the heat of the moment and are happy to continue.

Many ladies do interstate donations where either the donor or the recipient will travel to the other.

Happy to answer any further questions here or via PM.

Thank you for contemplating to donate. Its a very precious gift that can significantly change the lives of many.

Kim, QLD, seeking egg donor

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