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TTC #1 Lock Rss

I am new to this site and thought I would start a new forum as the others are quite big. I started TTC #1 in April, unfortunately no success this time. I wanted to try again this month but if I did I would be due around the time of my sisters wedding. I don't think it is a good idea as she wants me as her bridesmaid and the last thing I want is to go into labour at her wedding! I guess June will be the next time for me to try.
I stopped the pill just before we started trying, can anyone tell me how long it took them to concieve after coming off the pill?

Peta, VIC - DD born 6/7/07

Hi Peta,

Our baby is almost one now - how time flys by...
We took a little while to conceive, though I know people who fell in the first month after coming off the pill and others that have taken a couple of months.

At least your body has a little time after coming off the pill. Good luck and the bost is an amazing thing and knows when your stressing. so try and relax and enjoy this exciting time of trying...

Best of luck

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

With my DD I came off the pill in Oct 2004 and we conceived her in Nov 2004!!!! But this time round we have been TTC#2 for almost 6 months and I am currently in the TWW so fingers crossed!

As you can see... it can be different for everyone and for each pregnancy. As most of the women on this forum will tell you... try and relax... it'll happen when it happens...

Hi PetaB

We have been TTC number 1 for 5 months now so from my point of view I say go for it! I guess what's meant to be is meant to be. It does get hard though when you know other things are happening later in the year and you can't help but wonder about being pregant for them.
I came off the pill a year and a half ago but we only started trying at the start of this year but no luck yet.
Best of luck for you and thanks for starting a fresh forum for us TTC number 1 as I am new to this site too.

Aidens Mum - that's a fab website!!! I will give it a go for the next couple of months.
it took me a year and a half after coming off the pill

long time smile


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