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Hopefully not TMI but 'touchy' subject in the bedroom... Lock Rss


haven't found out for sure if I'm PG yet, but i experienced cramping around when may have been implantation spotting, changed from cramping to pulling feeling, and dull ache. Anyway when it was still a cramping feeling DH and I were intermate or BD (baby dancing in other fourms) and it was so painful he couldn't even penetrate at all. it felt like my uterus was being pushed up and afterwards i had worse cramping. DH was afraid to touch me for a week. It was like that without the cramping afterwards after my DD birth for about 2 years then went away.
The next time (cramping now changed to ache) it was like i had a bead inside and though it was not painful, assuming it was my cervix, felt like it was being pushed up only not my whole uterus, hard to explain, like a crinkling sensation. it's like my cervix has moved in the way, LOL ,just never experienced this before ever! really weird!
hope i haven't offended....


DD - 04/12/01; #2 due Feb/ March 07

Hi SteffyD, im not really sure what it may be, but do you think maybe ovulation pains? I have had them, and it is actually quite painful, altho the pain is more to one side. What made me think yours could be, was when my hubby and I were BD (i like that description!), it was so painful, but more up near my uterus at the side. We couldnt carry on, and i think i freaked him out cos i yelled in pain! But that didnt last for long, only a couple of days i think. Sorry i couldnt be of more help, maybe you are peggers? Maybe its all just pains of your uterus expanding and stretching etc? If you are preggers, then congrats. Otherwise, i hope everything is ok.
I hope i helped a little! (sorry probably baffled on too much!)xxx
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