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Am i pregnant ? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone !!

I just want to ask everyones opinion on this, on mon i had AF pain and PMT, AF wasnt due till wednesday and i did a test tuesday that came up negative, i did another test today (thursday) and still negative ! The only signs ive had of AF turning up was on monday so i was expecting it to come as it usually turns up at about 10.30pm (on the dot) the night before im due !!

I used the brand Crystal Clear, as i have been told these are the best and they are 99% accurate if testing from the day AF is due !

With Declan i had no idea i was pregnant so i didnt do a test till i was 6 weeeks pregnant and that came up straight away, i did another test when i was pregnant with him, at 9 weeks (just to add to his baby box lol, yes i know im weird), and it came up negative !! And that is when the HGC hormone is meant to be at its highest !

Am i just going crazy or could i be pregnant ?

Any help would be great !!

Luv Sarah

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi Sarah,
The pains you experianced may have been implantion pains that i have read about. I am not 100% sure but i hope you are.
Goodluck i have my fingers crossed for you,

Jenni, DD 30.08.98 DS 29.10.04 DS 23.02.07 EDD 05

Hi Sara,
I agree with what Jenni has said, it could have been implantation pain, is your AF always on time or can it be late somtimes? My fingers are crossed for you GOOD LUCK smile

Danielle, vic. 38yrs! due oct 2007

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