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Fortel Brand Pregnancy Test ???? Lock Rss


Just need some advice on how reliable the Fortel Brand really are....

I used this brand with my last pregnancy and got a REALLY REALLY FAINT 2ND LINE twice... then used the CONFIRM Brand and got a faint but darker 2nd line - anyway turned out I was pregnant and when I did the test I was only 4 and a bit weeks.. Unfortunately I mc, but that's another story...

Anyway what I want to know is - if you are not pregnant and you test can you still JUST see where the second line should be??? I hope that makes sense!!!

I have just tested using the Fortel Brand - Only cos I have a headcold and I want to take LEMSIP tablets and you are not to take them if you are pregnant..

I can see a 2nd line, but it is as if to say "that is where the second line should be" I hope you understand what I am trying to say.....IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FAINT THAT MY MUM COULD PROBERLY NOT SEE IT - she wears glasses all the time!!!

Anyway what do you girls reckon ???????

Hubby hasn't seen it yet - so will let you know if he can see it or not!!!

Clare xxxxxxxxx smile

Also I have only just had my miscarriage 4 weeks ago on Monday - could HCG levels still be in my system???

Clare xxxx

Hubby just seen it and he reckons there is a line there but JUST...

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