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A very embarrassing question! Lock Rss

Hi Guys,

This is pretty embarrassing and I should really know when & how often to do it as I already have Keira, but we are into our 2nd month of trying for bub no 2 & I just wanted to know if any of you know how often you should have sex so that its easier to fall pregnant. I know if you have it frequently, you have a girl and infrequently, you have a boy, but no book actually says how often you should be having sex to increase your chances of having sex!
Any ideas would be great!!!
Hi Kristy,
They say that every 2nd day for a month is a pretty sure fire thing although it didnt work for me because both me and hubby got so tired of this that we couldnt keep it up:( (excuse the pun!) so we just opted to go with the ovulation microscope that gives us the sure fire days to go for gold!smile
Hope this helps:)

From Amber:)

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

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