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Hi Every one

I am due on August 27th 2006 with my fisrt child, i am so excitied but so scaried at the same time. I have gone through such a lot of emotial changes that no wonder we are never the same again.

I love being pregnant, it is wonderful, all the movements & ultra sounds make it worth it. Mind you i am starting to run on empty, i mean even though we are pregnant we still have to work, pay bills, clean, looks after the pets, do shopping & cooking, it really never ends. I don't know how may other mother are having the issue with forgeting things, but i can't remember any thing, i have got so bloody dumb.

If any one wants to chat about all the new experiences pls drop me a line, i would love to hear from you & any advise offered.

Thanks sarah

Sarah, WA due 27th Aug 06

howdy sarah.
i am a mummy 2 b 2 i am due in sept 15. im having it really easy being preggers but then memory well it sh#t it big time my memory is like a hole all goes in none comes out. well the joy of it all hey,well have fun speek soon bye


Hi Sarah,

I am due on the 5th August with my first child. I am slightly scared but very excited.
Emotional changes dont we have them.
I love being pregnant too. I know what you mean about working but i have been advised not to work for the rest of my pregnancy and it is driving me crazy.
I know about forgetting things it is so annoying. It drives me mad.
If you ever feel like a chat drop me a line at [email protected]

hi sarah,
sorry haven't spoke in a while i waz sick big time had to b in hospital,got that bloody gastro but being preggers can't take anything was sick at 11pm and didn't stop till 5pm the next day i was bloody worried about bubs cause i couldn't keep no water down at all hubs was worried 2 and we called the emergency dept at 1am and 3 am and they said wait and see your doctor i thought yehh good on u. we decided to call my obie and she said try poweraid cause it might replenshish u if doesn't stay down call me so we had to call her and she said thats enough your going to hospital,i was dehidrated and they gave me a needle which i hate them and it worked i was starting to get better but weak they checked bubs and he was aok i was so relieved i was so bloody scared i have the up most dedication in my has taken its toll though cause i still feel so drained b carefull.take care
hows u ru getting bigger
do u know what u are having and do u have names picked yet
take care byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
tracy due 15sept boy jacob


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