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conceiving after ceasarian Lock Rss

does anybody know how long your supposed to wait to conceive again after a ceasarian? doctor recommends 12 months but i dont want to wait that long, has anyone conceived sooner? i had my ceasarian 3 months ago, pretty sure ive healed good, i feel great.


Think this is one for your OB. I know that it takes a while for ALL the layers of skin and tissue to heal so that they don't split open with a growing belly.


My doctor told me 6 months is long enough to ensure you are healed properly. The hospital told me twelve. I was pregnant again by the time my oldest was nearly 8 months old and I had no problems whatsoever.


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Hi lr
A lady in my mothers group had her little girl in July 2004 and her next one in October 2005, so only 15 months between them, giving her only 6 months between birth and conception. Her hubby is an anaethisist (sp?) and knows a bit about birth etc and she is fine. Oh, and she had them both by c/s also, of course!

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