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umm a little insight please.. Lock Rss

I have 30-34 day cycle and i o'ed this week some time i think, and since 7 last night i have had really bad cramping pains in my right side. near your hip bone but toeards your stomache a bit. I was wondering if this could be a preg sign as i have never had it before. It is like if i breathe really deep it hurts and its like a ache
Thanks for reading,

Jenni, DD 30.08.98 DS 29.10.04 DS 23.02.07 EDD 05

Cant remember if i had that but i had period-like pain through the start of my pregnancy. Also sounds like yor ovaries...
I get this ache/pain when i am ovulating. It is like a dull ache and can get uncomfortable if i take a deep breath... but it is a good sign as i like to know that I have actually ovulated so all the aches and pains are good signs.

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