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clomid question Lock Rss

We have started ttc # 2 and have been unsuccessful so far. I understand that these things take time but I am not a very patient person. It took us 12 months and 1 miscarriage before we conceived our beautiful baby boy who is now 22 months. Just before I fell pregnant I was prescribed clomid and got the prescription filled but never got the chance to take it as I finally conceived naturally. My question is does anyone think it would be a bad idea to start taking clomid to increase my chances of conceiving this time? The tablets are still within the used by date and they are just sitting in the cupboard. Now that I have decided I am ready for another one I am deserate to fall pregnant and dread the thought that it could take another 12 months.

Also does anyone know if clomid increases the chance of twins??

Thanks for your feedback.


Jo, 5 year old son, 2.5 year old daughter

Hi Jo

I totally understand where you are coming from !
It took us 18 months to conceive our son Jack (now 14 months old). We tried Clomid from months 12-15 with no luck. In the end, we were successful with IUI.
Anyway i would be careful about taking this medication without your Dr/Gyno's supervision. Clomid has many side effects. I am sure he/she will understand your urgency to fall pregnant again. At the end of the day, it is totally up to you. But with a Dr for a father-in-law, i have had it drilled into me never to take prescription medication without your Dr's supervision. Also, from memory i am sure you have to have blood tests and ultrasounds in between your cycle while taking Clomid to check your levels and that your are ovulating.

I hope this helps and i hope i haven't offended you, i was just being honest and i think you should be careful that's all.

By the way, yes Clomid increased your chance of twins/triplets by 8%.

I hope you fall pregnant very soon smile All the best.


How much is clomid and what are the symptoms you are talking about?
Hi Jo

I understand your frustration. We have just found out we are pregnant with #2 after 20 months of fertitlity treatment and trying almost 3 years, it was IVF that worked. Our first daughter was an IUI baby after 18 months of fertitlity treatment 2 years of trying.

Althougha after the hightest legal dose of Clomid didn't not even rasie my hormon levels at all, I now this is not the case for many women. I would not recommend taking this drug with our doctor supervison. have you gone to see a specialist. If you live is Sydney NSW I can highly recommend one. There are some ready dodgy fertitilty doctors around. I have had friends on clomid before who have gotten very sick, so once again its best to be under a specialist doctor that nows the drug you are taking.

And YES it can definately increase your chances of not only twins but multiples.

Let me know what decide.

Mel, NSW, Girl Aug 03 & Girl Feb 07

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