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Ferning Lock Rss

I used my Maybe Baby ovulation microscope this morning and it had ferning even though it is only day 7 of my cycle!? Does anyone have any idea why this would be? Aren't I too early in my cycle to be ovulationg? Told hubby we must BD tonight just in case but would be interested to know if this had happened to anyone else.

Hi Mia,
YES!!! this has been happening to me for the past few weeks!!! mine has been randomly ferning on and off and yesterday it was very strong obvious ferning so we BD last night but im sure its not the right time??? I dont get periods so dont have that for indication:(
I asked the midwife for huggies what she thought it might be and she said something along the lines of "it picks up on hormone surges not necesarally ovulation" and on the website for my ov. microscope they say that you will generally only get strong ferning if you are either ovulating, PREGNANT or taking fertility drugs so im hoping that its the 2nd one:)smilesmile Maybe you are already preggas???smile
Keep up the BD just incase as its good to get in every opportunity:)
Please let me know if you find out a bit more about it:)
I hope i helped even a bit:)

Good luck, From Amber:)

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

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