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Changing Cycles Lock Rss

Has anyone TTC had their cycles change? I strictly ov on day 18 and get AF on day 30. This month gone i Ov on day 16 and got AF on day 23 - which was so strange. i have found while TTc things have been a little different, my PMT has been way worse - real sore boobs, feeling quite hormonal - more than usual -is it maybe being so consious of wanting to be pregnant i am changing my cycle without even realising it?
This has happened to me too! My cycle was guarenteed to be 28 days give or take a day with no ov. cramping. Now that I am ttc AF has shown up as early as day 24 and as late as day 30??!! I think I notice these changes more because i am more in tune with what my body is doing during the monthly cycle whereas before TTC I didn't care when AF showed up! I have also been told that stress can affect your cycle too which makes sense for all of us TTC every month and having the dreaded TTW!

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