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Wondering about casearaens? Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering what the deal is with casearaens? Are they more complicated or easier? With my first I had a natural birth, but this time I feel really scared and I am wondering about this approach. I dont know much about them, and whether you can have one volunteerly? Thanks for your help...
talk to your ob. . i have had 3 the 1st was an emergency . the other 2 , my doc would not let me have a vbac. due to complications.
i recoverd well but had some complications with the last one as the doc accidently cut my bladder . i know from having read some other posts that people do have a section just because they are too scared of having it vaginally. as to revocery times i recovered quickly with no 2 and 3 i was up and about withinn a 2 hours but then you have to be careful of picking thimng up including the baby etc and no driving for 6-8 weeks. i was in more pain when i was in labour for 26 hours with my 1st child than after the c section
good luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, i had a ceasar with my first, and If i could help it I would never have a c section again. I dont want to scare you but I had a terrible time, it was very painful afterwards especially when you get up the next day and walk around in which the hospital make you do. I was looking around seeing all these mothers without any pain bathing there babies, getting up positioning there pillows correctly ready to feed there babies, and getting around so freely, I was abit jealous as I could hardly move and had to buzz the nurse to help me out with everything, even getting the baby out of the crib for me. I got very teary over it and was in heaps of pain, especially when the pain relief wore off, and i know I am not alone with my experience from hearing stories from there experience. I could not drive a car fo 3 weeks because of the scar. But everyone is different, i had alot of pain and just wanted to enjoy my baby. My second child who is now 2, i had him normally and it was a breeze compared to a ceasar, and I feel fullfilled. Good Luck, Ren. : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

Hi I had a c-section with my son i wasnt in that much pain at all i thought it would be worse. Yes the mid-wives do get your baby out of crib for you but that was only for the first night i was up and walking around and bathing my son the next morning. I had an elective c-section due to health reasons but i had to fight to get it. Its not easy to get one unless my OB was a a*hole which i must say he was.
Whenever i have another baby i will b having a c-section again. Everyone is different and i hope this is of help to u.
hi i had a ceaser after haveing 3 natural births. my first 2 were really easy and i had no problems at all but my 3rd was really bad and that was largly the fult of the midwife it was so bad that if i had of had a knife i would of cut her out myself. i know most woman find labour really painfull but my sister was horrified at how bad the labour was and that i was not given a ceaser (my sister is a nurse andhas 3 kids of her own) then when i fell pregnant with my 4th i was so scared the whole time i was pregnant that it would be that bad again that i spent alot of nights crying myself to sleep. but as it turned out he was an emergancy ceaser and for me it was so much more painfull if i have a choise this time i will definatly have it naturally. my OBGYN said that because of the damage done from my 3rd baby my uterous may not be able to cope with a natural birth but i am still hopeing, this is only my story and it may not be that bad for you as everyone is differant oh and it took me 4 months to be able to move properly after the ceaser by which time i was pregnant again so now i fear both ways but i fear the ceaser more. i hope this helps good luck:)
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